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Best of 2006

file namedescriptioncategorycountry
06no-IMGP9886Svenner Fyr (Lighthouse)Best of 2006Norway
06no-0289Svenner Fyr (Lighthouse)Best of 2006Norway
06no-IMGP9941hdrSvenner Fyr (Lighthouse)Best of 2006Norway
06no-1827FieldsBest of 2006Norway
06no-976-hdrRønnomnipenBest of 2006Norway
06no-2594Fields And SnowBest of 2006Norway
06no-1363GoksjøBest of 2006Norway
06no-1801Tree And A CloudBest of 2006Norway
06no-945Trees And LakeBest of 2006Norway
06no-592Tree BoatsBest of 2006Norway
06no-598Tree BoatsBest of 2006Norway
06no-595Tree BoatsBest of 2006Norway
06no-0225Detail Of Heddal Stavkirke (Stavechurch)Best of 2006Norway
06no-0212Detail Of Heddal Stavkirke (Stavechurch)Best of 2006Norway
06no-0209Heddal Stavkirke (Stavechurch)Best of 2006Norway
06no-0222Detail Of Heddal Stavkirke (Stavechurch)Best of 2006Norway
06no-0217Heddal Stavkirke (Stavechurch)Best of 2006Norway
06no-0216Heddal Stavkirke (Stavechurch)Best of 2006Norway
06no-1733Medieval Burial-groundBest of 2006Norway
06no-0248Medieval Burial-ground And FieldBest of 2006Norway
06no-1740Medieval Burial-groundBest of 2006Norway
06no-2235Ha Det BraBest of 2006Norway
06no-1761The God Sees YouBest of 2006Norway
06no-2460Sailboats In SandefjordBest of 2006Norway
06no-IMGP9768LindholmenBest of 2006Norway
06no-2497Autumn In VestfoldBest of 2006Norway
06no-2606Clouds And MoonBest of 2006Norway
06no-2747Trees And RiverBest of 2006Norway
06no-605Fenders And ShadowsBest of 2006Norway
06no-IMGP8336Winter In VestfoldBest of 2006Norway
06no-0556Salmon FishingBest of 2006Norway
06no-2719Colorful HousesBest of 2006Norway
06no-834BrevikBest of 2006Norway
06no-0297Svenner Fyr (Lighthouse)Best of 2006Norway
06no-959RønnomnipenBest of 2006Norway
06no-1784-hdrAutumn By FarmenrøysaBest of 2006Norway

The Telemark Canal (Telemarkskanalen)

file namedescriptioncategorycountry
06no-0346Telemarken Passanger Boat In TelemarkkanalenThe Telemark Canal (Telemarkskanalen)Norway
06no-0305Boats By TelemarkskanalenThe Telemark Canal (Telemarkskanalen)Norway
06no-0404Old Boat By TelemarkskanalenThe Telemark Canal (Telemarkskanalen)Norway
06no-0337The Tallest Lock - VrangfossThe Telemark Canal (Telemarkskanalen)Norway
06no-0340Entrance To The Lock ChamberThe Telemark Canal (Telemarkskanalen)Norway
06no-0334Opening The Lock ChamberThe Telemark Canal (Telemarkskanalen)Norway
06no-0461Enjoying The TelemakskanalenThe Telemark Canal (Telemarkskanalen)Norway
06no-0322Manual Service Of The TelemarkskanalenThe Telemark Canal (Telemarkskanalen)Norway
06no-0354Manual Service Of The Lock ChambersThe Telemark Canal (Telemarkskanalen)Norway
06no-0396Landscape Of Upper TelemarkscanalenThe Telemark Canal (Telemarkskanalen)Norway
06no-0409Landscape Of The TelemarkskanalenThe Telemark Canal (Telemarkskanalen)Norway
06no-0401First Czech Boat On Telemarskanalen?The Telemark Canal (Telemarkskanalen)Norway

Jotunheimen II

file namedescriptioncategorycountry
09298-19Green MirrorJotunheimen IINorway
09297-32Blue StarJotunheimen IINorway
09297-11Tears Of LoveJotunheimen IINorway
481625-15broken soul..Jotunheimen IINorway
481625-07walking on Svellnosbreen glacierJotunheimen IINorway
481658-17Svellnosbreen glacierJotunheimen IINorway
481635-06Ice LakeJotunheimen IINorway
09297-12Frozen Memories (Svellnosbreen)Jotunheimen IINorway
481635-33Svellnosbreen glacierJotunheimen IINorway
481633-24rapid riverJotunheimen IINorway
481635-30glacier abstraction (Svellnosbreen)Jotunheimen IINorway
481625-02sunset over jotunheimenJotunheimen IINorway
481635-36sunset over Svellnosbreen glacierJotunheimen IINorway
481658-07Svellnosbreen glacierJotunheimen IINorway


file namedescriptioncategorycountry
89183-11lofoten sceneryLofotenNorway
89185-23steep peaks of lofotenLofotenNorway
89184-02lake bankLofotenNorway
89184-13steep mountains of lofotenLofotenNorway
89185-11hidden house by lakeLofotenNorway
89185-03in the bode harbourLofotenNorway
89185-07sunrise at lofotenLofotenNorway
89185-19Å sceneryLofotenNorway
89185-14Å sceneryLofotenNorway
89185-31Å sceneryLofotenNorway
89185-20sand abstractionLofotenNorway
89185-26Å beautiful sceneryLofotenNorway
89185-30steep peaks of lofotenLofotenNorway
89185-32Å sceneryLofotenNorway

Best of 2005

file namedescriptioncategorycountry
05no-IMGP4296Seagull And MoonBest of 2005Norway
04no-IMGP2837Sunrise On ØsterøyaBest of 2005Norway
05no-IMGP4582Ying And YangBest of 2005Norway
05no-IMGP2987Rocks On VesterøyaBest of 2005Norway
05no-IMGP2995Stone In CloudsBest of 2005Norway
05no-IMGP3017Island In SunsetBest of 2005Norway
05no-IMGP4307Lonely Tree By SeaBest of 2005Norway
05no-IMGP4146Bergekilen And Brown AlgaeBest of 2005Norway
05no-IMGP4234Spring Is CommingBest of 2005Norway
04no-IMGP2798Freezing ColdBest of 2005Norway
05no-_IGP5867Moon Over Sandefjord HarbourBest of 2005Norway
05no-IMGP4037Shy Personality Of SwanBest of 2005Norway
05no-IMGP4797Magic EveningBest of 2005Norway
05no-IMGP5306Dalen Valley, TelemarkBest of 2005Norway
05no-IMGP4873Stone By A CoastBest of 2005Norway
05no-IMGP5039Swimming By MartaholmenBest of 2005Norway
05no-IMGP5002Rocks And A HouseBest of 2005Norway
05no-IMGP5041Typical House And CloudsBest of 2005Norway
05no-IMGP4973Butterfly On A FlowerBest of 2005Norway
05no-IMGP4346-2TrianglesBest of 2005Norway
50no-IMGP6513HellBest of 2005Norway
05no-IMGP4544Boat DetailBest of 2005Norway
05no-IMGP5289Mountains In FogBest of 2005Norway
05no-IMGP5363Old Part Of SadefjordBest of 2005Norway
05no-IMGP5988Boats By HeivannetBest of 2005Norway
05no-IMGP6010Autumn Is CommingBest of 2005Norway
05no-IMGP6020Heivannet PanoramaBest of 2005Norway
05no-IMGP6046AutumnBest of 2005Norway
05no-IMGP6638Sunset On SkjellvikaBest of 2005Norway
05no-IMGP6168Sea KayakingBest of 2005Norway
50no-IMGP6460The A.D.E. I.Best of 2005Norway
IMGP5134Typical House By A LakeBest of 2005Norway
IMGP5165-pSunset On MountainsBest of 2005Norway
IMGP5256Wild RiverBest of 2005Norway
IMGP5107Ulevåtvatnet LakeBest of 2005Norway
05no-IMGP5939Holmfoss, KveldeBest of 2005Norway

Best of 2004

file namedescriptioncategorycountry
04no-0314Lonely Trees On A FieldBest of 2004Norway
04no-0608Tree By A WaterfallBest of 2004Norway
04no-0348Leaf AbstractionBest of 2004Norway
04no-0459Goksjø LakeBest of 2004Norway
04no-0357Swamp In The AutumnBest of 2004Norway
04no-0532Peaceful LågenBest of 2004Norway
04no-0517Lågen RiverBest of 2004Norway
04no-0572DamvannetBest of 2004Norway
04no-0558Hills In Lågen ValleyBest of 2004Norway
04no03-406058-21Small Steps Of Long JourneyBest of 2004Norway
04no04-406056-18The Curves I.Best of 2004Norway
04no03-406058-23Sleeping KingdomBest of 2004Norway
04no04-406056-10Sunrise By A StreamBest of 2004Norway
04no04-406056-12Meeting PointBest of 2004Norway
04no04-406056-14BrothersBest of 2004Norway
04no04-406056-35Where Now?Best of 2004Norway
04no05-43335-03NorefjellBest of 2004Norway
04no05-43335-25Stars In SnowBest of 2004Norway
04no07-74250-16bGreen OasisBest of 2004Norway
04no08-0156Farris Lake II.Best of 2004Norway
04no08-0181Islands In The FjordBest of 2004Norway
04no07-74250-06Beauty Of SimplicityBest of 2004Norway
04no07-74250-07A LadderBest of 2004Norway

Best of 2003

file namedescriptioncategorycountry
04no01-901905-10Colours Of AutumnBest of 2003Norway
04no01-901905-07Pine By GoksjoaBest of 2003Norway
04no02-698464-24Beautiful AutumnBest of 2003Norway
04no02-698464-31Farm HouseBest of 2003Norway
9854-05Coast DetailBest of 2003Norway
8627-14Colours Of ThreeBest of 2003Norway
4975-11detail of decoration of bunadBest of 2003Norway
4975-15detail of decoration of bunadBest of 2003Norway
4975-12detail of decoration of bunadBest of 2003Norway
09298-08Isolation II.Best of 2003Norway
09042-24Farris LakeBest of 2003Norway
9854-13Flowers Abstraction I.Best of 2003Norway
09298-07Falling WaterBest of 2003Norway
9854-20Farm Field II.Best of 2003Norway
14415-01foggy nightBest of 2003Norway
14415-05witchBest of 2003Norway
25088-05Fishermans HouseBest of 2003Norway
14415-10romantic lonelinessBest of 2003Norway
14415-20aTønsberg SlottBest of 2003Norway
25088-32Marriage At The End Of The WorldBest of 2003Norway
15811-30kragerøBest of 2003Norway
15811-29jomfruland coastlineBest of 2003Norway
69110-23Dannish SailboatBest of 2003Norway
68683-32Victory Over RainbowBest of 2003Norway
15811-26flowers in bloomBest of 2003Norway
25088-14Field&Clouds I.Best of 2003Norway
25088-10Soil Abstraction I.Best of 2003Norway
68683-10Sharp BladeBest of 2003Norway
68683-16Marthaholmen CoastBest of 2003Norway
68683-21Coast PoolBest of 2003Norway
68683-11Water On FireBest of 2003Norway
98733-20New YearBest of 2003Norway
69110-28Work In WoodBest of 2003Norway
70164-15skiing treeBest of 2003Norway
70163-18cross-country skiing fansBest of 2003Norway
70164-23house by frozen riverBest of 2003Norway
610766-34swan in sunsetBest of 2003Norway
610766-31sunset in fjord (engøy)Best of 2003Norway
770355-34Rolling StrawBest of 2003Norway

Best of 2002

file namedescriptioncategorycountry
481676-21sunset over rundeBest of 2002Norway
481713-21fjordBest of 2002Norway
481713-34View over fjordBest of 2002Norway
3033-27stavanger old cityBest of 2002Norway
3032-13tjølling churchBest of 2002Norway
3032-26sandefjord churchBest of 2002Norway
3033-15national costumeBest of 2002Norway
3032-22detail of doorsBest of 2002Norway
3032-04fieldBest of 2002Norway
3032-23sandefjord in the nightBest of 2002Norway
3031-01house detailBest of 2002Norway
3033-32street of stavanger old cityBest of 2002Norway
22868-18heddal church detailBest of 2002Norway
22868-24detail of the churchBest of 2002Norway
22868-31detail of wood carvingBest of 2002Norway
3033-12hmm..Best of 2002Norway
23579-27coloursBest of 2002Norway
23845-09milion years agoBest of 2002Norway
23845-29bloody sunsetBest of 2002Norway
191406-25stones at østerøyaBest of 2002Norway
191406-28bsunsetBest of 2002Norway
481633-09seven sisters waterfallBest of 2002Norway
481662-30detail of flowerBest of 2002Norway
481661-15watterfallBest of 2002Norway
481661-03abeach abstractionBest of 2002Norway
481663-37puffinBest of 2002Norway
481661-20fern by streamBest of 2002Norway
481662-05musk-oxesBest of 2002Norway
481663-02horsesBest of 2002Norway
481662-21musk-oxBest of 2002Norway
79210-26how many more days?Best of 2002Norway
287326-01in mirrorsBest of 2002Norway
481663-09brazilian celebrationBest of 2002Norway
481663-32runde sceneryBest of 2002Norway
481676-28birds on the rockBest of 2002Norway
481713-28storm over fjordBest of 2002Norway

Best of 2001

file namedescriptioncategorycountry
71628-35Leaving NorwayBest of 2001Norway
81662-19bird on boat mastBest of 2001Norway
81662-27foggy dayBest of 2001Norway
07737-06frozen abstractionBest of 2001Norway
68775-06sunset in sandefjordBest of 2001Norway
4366-09sunset with hipsBest of 2001Norway
83858-21rondane sceneryBest of 2001Norway
83870-21dovrefjell sceneryBest of 2001Norway
83858-17lonely treeBest of 2001Norway
4519-03guardBest of 2001Norway
68775-18house abstractionBest of 2001Norway
4519-20abstractionBest of 2001Norway
83870-05incredible colours of fallBest of 2001Norway
83857-32river in rondaneBest of 2001Norway
83857-19fall is commingBest of 2001Norway
80808-32gjende lakeBest of 2001Norway
93873-08sad poppyBest of 2001Norway
70707-6telemark sceneryBest of 2001Norway
70707-25sandefjord fountainBest of 2001Norway
70707-17cliffsBest of 2001Norway
70707-31sandefjord fountainBest of 2001Norway
83870-16stone in iceBest of 2001Norway
83857-11trees agains skyBest of 2001Norway
83870-36few meters below top of snoehytaBest of 2001Norway
70707-x03yusuph (turkey)Best of 2001Norway

Best of 2007

file namedescriptioncategorycountry
07no-2763Folehavna After SunsetBest of 2007Norway
_7NO6727Oslo FjordBest of 2007Norway
07no-6693Sunset And TreesBest of 2007Norway
_7NO2995Swan And Sunset On GoksjøBest of 2007Norway
07no-3073Fire In SandefjordBest of 2007Norway
07no-2928Sunset By ÅsrumvannetBest of 2007Norway
07no-6701Choose The Right PathBest of 2007Norway
_7NO6730New Snow In NordmarkaBest of 2007Norway
_7NO6743Stream In NordmarkaBest of 2007Norway

Hemsedal In Winter

file namedescriptioncategorycountry
08-NO0043HamarskardetHemsedal In WinterNorway
08-NO0026HamarskardetHemsedal In WinterNorway
08-NO0050HamarskardetHemsedal In WinterNorway
08-NO0017Nibbi and SkogshornHemsedal In WinterNorway
08no-0092StorehornHemsedal In WinterNorway
08-NO0019ØvredalenHemsedal In WinterNorway
08no-0097Panorama against SkardsnutenHemsedal In WinterNorway
08no-0100Panorama against SkardsnutenHemsedal In WinterNorway
08no-0106Panorama against SkardsnutenHemsedal In WinterNorway
08no-0843Small lake by TottenHemsedal In WinterNorway
08no-0122Grondøla riverHemsedal In WinterNorway
08no-0878View from SysterskardfjelletHemsedal In WinterNorway
08no-0679Overview from KyrkjebønosiHemsedal In WinterNorway
08no-0863Off piste skiingHemsedal In WinterNorway
08no-0879TottenHemsedal In WinterNorway
08no-0815Krøderen LakeHemsedal In WinterNorway
08no-0823Krøderen LakeHemsedal In WinterNorway
08no-0837Mountains and fogHemsedal In WinterNorway
08no-0682Hut by KyrkjebøstlabeHemsedal In WinterNorway
08no-0857Ptarmigan (Lagopus muta)Hemsedal In WinterNorway
08no-0890Sunset over lakeHemsedal In WinterNorway

Fjorda In Autumn

file namedescriptioncategorycountry
08no-1633Boat By Grønmalen LakeFjorda In AutumnNorway
08no-1704Sunset In FjordaFjorda In AutumnNorway
08no-1659Stone By Water CanalFjorda In AutumnNorway
08no-1650Enjoying a canoe tripFjorda In AutumnNorway
08no-1712Paddling In FjordaFjorda In AutumnNorway
08no-1715Enjoying Sunset In FjordaFjorda In AutumnNorway
08no-1662Fall Colors By A Water ChannelFjorda In AutumnNorway
08no-1673Whortleberry Growth In SunsetFjorda In AutumnNorway
08no-1718Canoe On Grønmalen LakeFjorda In AutumnNorway
08no-1680Sunset In FjordaFjorda In AutumnNorway
08no-1724Sunset By Grønmalen LakeFjorda In AutumnNorway

Autumn in Nordmarka

file namedescriptioncategorycountry
08no-1943-hdrSkomakertjern LakeAutumn in NordmarkaNorway
08no-2011SkjennungenAutumn in NordmarkaNorway
08no-1896-hdrA Moor On The Way To SkjennungstuaAutumn in NordmarkaNorway
08no-1946Autumn By SkomakertjernAutumn in NordmarkaNorway
08no-1886View from Skjennungstua towards TryvannAutumn in NordmarkaNorway
08no-1918Sunset by SkomakertjernAutumn in NordmarkaNorway
08no-1962Fall Colors By Store TryvannstuaAutumn in NordmarkaNorway
08no-2053Fall Colors In NordmarkaAutumn in NordmarkaNorway
08no-2086Fall By KopperhaugtjernetAutumn in NordmarkaNorway
08no-1890View from Skjennungstua towards TryvannAutumn in NordmarkaNorway
08no-1955Autumn By SkomakertjernAutumn in NordmarkaNorway
08no-2080Fall By KopperhaugtjernetAutumn in NordmarkaNorway
08no-2056Sterns In NordmarkaAutumn in NordmarkaNorway
08no-1982Lille TryvannAutumn in NordmarkaNorway
08no-2067-hdrFall By KopperhaugtjernetAutumn in NordmarkaNorway

Best Of 2008

file namedescriptioncategorycountry
08no-1468Sunset By BogstadBest Of 2008Norway
08no-1056Kolsås sunsetBest Of 2008Norway
08no-0906MærradalsbekkenBest Of 2008Norway
08no-0309Bogstad LakeBest Of 2008Norway
08no-1181Mountain huts in RjukanBest Of 2008Norway
08no-1819Kolsås sunsetBest Of 2008Norway
08no-1416Vigeland Sculpture ParkBest Of 2008Norway
08no-1448Vigeland Sculpture ParkBest Of 2008Norway
08no-1441Vigeland Sculpture ParkBest Of 2008Norway
08no-1533The Peacock FountainBest Of 2008Norway
08no-1528The Peacock FountainBest Of 2008Norway
08no-1537The Peacock FountainBest Of 2008Norway
08no-1824His Majesty the King's GuardBest Of 2008Norway
08no-1836Putting on a knifeBest Of 2008Norway
08no-1827His Majesty the King's GuardBest Of 2008Norway
08no-2134Rock In The SeaBest Of 2008Norway
08no-1922Trees By SkomakertjernBest Of 2008Norway
08no-2192Magic StoneBest Of 2008Norway
08no-2219Vigeland Sculpture ParkBest Of 2008Norway

Winter 2009

file namedescriptioncategorycountry
08no-2510Kolsås Over CloudsWinter 2009Norway
09no-3990Mountains Clouds and ShadowsWinter 2009Norway
09no-2557Church In The Morning FogWinter 2009Norway
09no-3987Tops Around HarahornWinter 2009Norway
08no-2523Frost And PineWinter 2009Norway
09no-3984Tops Around HarahornWinter 2009Norway
09no-2552Oslo FjordWinter 2009Norway
09no-3979Snow DuneWinter 2009Norway
08no-2509Mountains Over CloudsWinter 2009Norway
09no-3991Moody Mountains Around HarahornWinter 2009Norway
09no-4017Typical Norwegian HutsWinter 2009Norway


file namedescriptioncategorycountry
09no-5392_dxoMemurubu By Gjende LakeJotunheimenNorway
09no-5398_dxo-hdrGjende SceneryJotunheimenNorway
09no-5367-hdrRaudhamran in LeirungsdalenJotunheimenNorway
09no-5424-hdrGjende Lake and BjørnboltjønneJotunheimenNorway
09no-5434_dxo-hdrBesseggen TrekJotunheimenNorway
09no-5441-hdrIce On BessvatnetJotunheimenNorway
09no-5458_dxo-hdrGjende LakeJotunheimenNorway
09no-5431_dxo-hdrStone By BesseggenJotunheimenNorway

Autumn In Hemsedal

file namedescriptioncategorycountry
09no-6332Autumn In GrøndalenAutumn In HemsedalNorway
09no-6150Autumn Colors By VavatnAutumn In HemsedalNorway
09no-6369Sheeps In GrøndalenAutumn In HemsedalNorway
09no-6170Birch By VanvatnAutumn In HemsedalNorway
09no-6343My Heart Belongs To YouAutumn In HemsedalNorway
09no-6209Autumn By VavatnAutumn In HemsedalNorway
09no-6250-hdrLysebottåneAutumn In HemsedalNorway
09no-6322Ying And YangAutumn In HemsedalNorway
09no-6223Hut By A WaterfallAutumn In HemsedalNorway
09no-6270Hemsedal Mountains In AutumnAutumn In HemsedalNorway
09no-6267View Towards GrøndalenAutumn In HemsedalNorway
09no-6265View Towards GrøndalenAutumn In HemsedalNorway
09no-6287Autumn In Hemsedal MountainsAutumn In HemsedalNorway
09no-6312BrekkefossAutumn In HemsedalNorway
09no-6354Waterfall In GrøndalenAutumn In HemsedalNorway
09no-6214-hdrSmall Hut In Nord-HydalenAutumn In HemsedalNorway
09no-6130KarisetbergetAutumn In HemsedalNorway
09no-6293House In HemsedalAutumn In HemsedalNorway
09no-6192Birch And Autumn ColorsAutumn In HemsedalNorway
09no-6231Lake In Sør-HydalenAutumn In HemsedalNorway
09no-6178Birch By VavatnAutumn In HemsedalNorway

Best Of 2009

file namedescriptioncategorycountry
09no-5574-hdrFjord By HolmestrandBest Of 2009Norway
09no-5596Sun In The JungleBest Of 2009Norway
09no-5908Relaxing By BogstadvannetBest Of 2009Norway
09no-5481Graffiti by Blå clubBest Of 2009Norway
09no-6399Sheeps In SunsetBest Of 2009Norway
09no-5614Fern AbstractionBest Of 2009Norway
09no-5606Fly On A LeafBest Of 2009Norway
09no-5712Door In HemsedalBest Of 2009Norway
09no-5742Lonely House In HemsedalBest Of 2009Norway
09no-4308Sunrise by HvasserBest Of 2009Norway
09no-5670Paragliding In HemsedalBest Of 2009Norway
09no-6432Horse By BogstadBest Of 2009Norway
09no-6003Playing Golf At BogstadBest Of 2009Norway
09no-5717Green PowerBest Of 2009Norway
09no-6411Sheep herdBest Of 2009Norway
09no-4319Sunrise by HvasserBest Of 2009Norway
09no-5940Nes ChurchBest Of 2009Norway
09no-6439Tree In The AutumnBest Of 2009Norway
09no-6044-hdrFerns By BogstadBest Of 2009Norway

Land Of Fjords

file namedescriptioncategorycountry
10no-1449House Under MountainsLand Of FjordsNorway
10no-1948Glacial RiverLand Of FjordsNorway
10no-1674Cliffs On Runde IslandLand Of FjordsNorway
10no-1427Ferry In SognfjordenLand Of FjordsNorway
10no-2106Lonely HouseLand Of FjordsNorway
10no-1963Sunset By Glacial RiverLand Of FjordsNorway
10no-1441Scenere Near SogndalLand Of FjordsNorway
10no-1797GeirangerLand Of FjordsNorway
10no-1566Runde CoastLand Of FjordsNorway
10no-1618Cliffs On Runde IslandLand Of FjordsNorway
10no-1737Huts On MountainsLand Of FjordsNorway
10no-1575-77pRunde Bird IslandLand Of FjordsNorway
10no-2032Fields Near LomLand Of FjordsNorway

Best Of 2010

file namedescriptioncategorycountry
10no-2364Frozen KingdomBest Of 2010Norway
10no-2328OrmøyaBest Of 2010Norway
10no-1104ErtsvikaBest Of 2010Norway
10no-2266Golden TreesBest Of 2010Norway
10no-1671Cliffs Of RundeBest Of 2010Norway
10no-0042-hMystic SunsetBest Of 2010Norway
10no-2409Leaves And FrostBest Of 2010Norway
10no-0154-sTrees In WinterBest Of 2010Norway
10no-0003Sunset Over OsloBest Of 2010Norway
10no-2760Frozen StreamBest Of 2010Norway
10no-2785IciclesBest Of 2010Norway
10no-2854Ice AbstractionBest Of 2010Norway
10no-2650BogstadvannetBest Of 2010Norway
10no-0225Poles In SnowBest Of 2010Norway
10no-2863SeagullBest Of 2010Norway
10no-2186-hdrAutumn By HemsilaBest Of 2010Norway
10no-2208Hut By MountainsBest Of 2010Norway
10no-2495First Snow In NorefjellBest Of 2010Norway
10no-2681Sunset By BogstadvannetBest Of 2010Norway

Nærøyfjord World Heritage Area

file namedescriptioncategorycountry
11no-5017Aurlandsfjord LandscapeNærøyfjord World Heritage AreaNorway
11no-4793Farms At NærøyfjordNærøyfjord World Heritage AreaNorway
11no-4635Udredal HarbourNærøyfjord World Heritage AreaNorway
11no-4785NærøyfjordNærøyfjord World Heritage AreaNorway
11no-4821Farmhouse In NærøyfjordNærøyfjord World Heritage AreaNorway
11no-4763Ferry On NærøyfjordNærøyfjord World Heritage AreaNorway
11no-4496Costa Luminosa In FlåmNærøyfjord World Heritage AreaNorway
11no-4676Farm House In The FjordNærøyfjord World Heritage AreaNorway
11no-4788Nærøyfjord LandscapeNærøyfjord World Heritage AreaNorway

Best Of 2011

file namedescriptioncategorycountry
11no-5569RjukandefossenBest Of 2011Norway
11no-5389Mystic MountainsBest Of 2011Norway
11no-6332Winter LandscapeBest Of 2011Norway
11no-5739Birch By LakeBest Of 2011Norway
11no-5656Path In The WoodsBest Of 2011Norway
11no-5599Autumn ColorsBest Of 2011Norway
11no-5744Hills During InversionBest Of 2011Norway
11no-5134Three ColoursBest Of 2011Norway
11no-4376Between LakesBest Of 2011Norway
11no-5117HolmenkollenBest Of 2011Norway
11no-5078Mountain HutBest Of 2011Norway
11no-5482StorehødnBest Of 2011Norway

Best Of 2012

file namedescriptioncategorycountry
12no-0040Stream ReflectionBest Of 2012Norway
12no-0563Colourful BowBest Of 2012Norway
12no-0568Trees And TrollsBest Of 2012Norway
12no-0645BryggenBest Of 2012Norway
12no-1137Colour AbstractionBest Of 2012Norway
12no-0479Mountain LandscapeBest Of 2012Norway
12no-1237Trysil Winter LandscapeBest Of 2012Norway
12no-1265Winter KnockingBest Of 2012Norway
12no-1124Autumn Drammen LandscapeBest Of 2012Norway
12no-0417Old HouseBest Of 2012Norway
12no-0400Boat On LakeBest Of 2012Norway
12no-0808Lonely HouseBest Of 2012Norway
12no-1286Mystic Vigeland ParkBest Of 2012Norway
12no-D300-0081Winter LandscapeBest Of 2012Norway
12no-1292WaitingBest Of 2012Norway
12no-0925Fireworks In OslofjordBest Of 2012Norway
12no-0593Tree AbstractionBest Of 2012Norway
12no-1372Vigeland ParkBest Of 2012Norway

Lofoten 2013

file namedescriptioncategorycountry
13no-1783Fishing Boats In HarbourLofoten 2013Norway
13no-1800Traditional RorbuLofoten 2013Norway
13no-1895Boat At BayLofoten 2013Norway
13no-1811BoathouseLofoten 2013Norway
13no-1890Stone On BeachLofoten 2013Norway
13no-1877HenningsværLofoten 2013Norway
13no-1850Clear SeaLofoten 2013Norway
13no-1948HamnøyLofoten 2013Norway
13no-1825RørvikaLofoten 2013Norway
13no-1925RambergLofoten 2013Norway
13no-1986Boat At DockLofoten 2013Norway
13no-2114Bird ViewLofoten 2013Norway
13no-2110Houses And RiverbandLofoten 2013Norway
13no-2320Boathouse And MountainsLofoten 2013Norway
13no-2198Kvalvika BeachLofoten 2013Norway
13no-2251Boathouse By SeaLofoten 2013Norway
13no-1995Fishing Boat At DockLofoten 2013Norway
13no-2227Small Village By SeaLofoten 2013Norway
13no-2359Sildpollnes ChurchLofoten 2013Norway

Best Of 2013

file namedescriptioncategorycountry
13no-0219Lonely TreeBest Of 2013Norway
13no-2795Autumn ColoursBest Of 2013Norway
13no-0390TrysilfjelletBest Of 2013Norway
13no-1090LysefjordenBest Of 2013Norway
13no-1464Svellnosebreen GlacierBest Of 2013Norway
13no-1077Mountains And PeopleBest Of 2013Norway
13no-0276FenceBest Of 2013Norway
13no-1323StyggehøeBest Of 2013Norway
13no-2684Nitelva In AutumnBest Of 2013Norway
13no-0467BarcodeBest Of 2013Norway
13no-1244Kalvanes HousesBest Of 2013Norway
13no-1194Colourful DoorsBest Of 2013Norway
13no-1534VisdalenBest Of 2013Norway
13no-2739Autumn In NittedalBest Of 2013Norway
13no-0975Heddal StavkirkeBest Of 2013Norway
13no-2620FieldsBest Of 2013Norway
13no-0263IciclesBest Of 2013Norway
13no-1125LysefjordenBest Of 2013Norway


file namedescriptioncategorycountry
15sv-0033Lonely Wooden CabinSvalbardNorway
15sv-1101Hiorthfjellet And AdventfjordenSvalbardNorway
15sv-0205Seagull And GlacierSvalbardNorway
15sv-0026Mooring Sailboat In AdventfjordenSvalbardNorway
15sv-0154Ringed SealSvalbardNorway
15sv-1109Arctic PoppySvalbardNorway
15sv-1148Svalbard ReindeerSvalbardNorway
15sv-1008Colorful HousesSvalbardNorway
15sv-2176Bird CliffSvalbardNorway
15sv-1713Svalbard LandscapeSvalbardNorway
15sv-0120Seagull On IcebergSvalbardNorway
15sv-2260Lonely CabinSvalbardNorway
15sv-2115Cabin Under MountainsSvalbardNorway
15sv-1691Lonely Cabin In SkansbuktaSvalbardNorway

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