David LacinaDavid Lacina - freelance photographer and IT consultant. Born in 1977 in Morkov, the Czech Republic. Holds a masters degree in Computer Science and Economics (Mendel University in Brno, Czech Republic).

When David arrived in Norway some 10 years ago, he purchased his first SLR camera to fill his spare time. It was a manual Pentax ME-Super and he spent most of his time after work out in the nature. After some time he realized photography gave more meaning to his life. Even though he works as a software consultant, photography is his main hobby and it became a drug to which he is heavily addicted and he enjoys it more than anything else.

During the past years, he's visited several exotic countries including Myanmar (Burma), Morocco, Malaysia and Langkawi Islands, Sumatra and Siberut Islands of Indonesia, Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya, India, Gambia, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Caribbean island Curacao. Instead of visiting well-known places, David spends weeks off-the-beaten-track, living with local people far away from any civilization, learning about their culture and their preserved customs.

Several leading travel magazines have published his articles about the countries and tribes he has visited in Africa and Southeast Asia - including National Geographic and the leading Czech travel magazines TravelFocus, "Lide a Zeme" and "Koktejl".