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5192-20.jpg|| girl on boat|| Minangkabau|| Indonesia
5192-32.jpg|| kids playing in mosque|| Minangkabau|| Indonesia
5194-24.jpg|| on the market|| Minangkabau|| Indonesia
5194-01.jpg|| sianok valley|| Minangkabau|| Indonesia
5194-04.jpg|| clocktower in b.tinggi|| Minangkabau|| Indonesia
5194-29.jpg|| on the market|| Minangkabau|| Indonesia
5198-24.jpg|| princess rooms|| Minangkabau|| Indonesia
5198-13.jpg|| rice field|| Minangkabau|| Indonesia
5202-15.jpg|| market in padang|| Minangkabau|| Indonesia
5192-30.jpg|| selamat datang..|| Minangkabau|| Indonesia
5192-27.jpg|| children in sianok valley|| Minangkabau|| Indonesia
5192-26.jpg|| working on rice padi|| Minangkabau|| Indonesia
5198-14.jpg|| kings palace|| Minangkabau|| Indonesia
5198-17.jpg|| minang roof|| Minangkabau|| Indonesia
5198-16.jpg|| kings palace|| Minangkabau|| Indonesia
5198-21.jpg|| detail of minang textile|| Minangkabau|| Indonesia
5198-23.jpg|| kings throne|| Minangkabau|| Indonesia
5198-30.jpg|| kings palace|| Minangkabau|| Indonesia
5194-18a.jpg|| sunset at lake maninjau|| Lake Maninjau|| Indonesia
5196-01.jpg|| minang woman|| Lake Maninjau|| Indonesia
5194-18.jpg|| sunset|| Lake Maninjau|| Indonesia
5196-27.jpg|| minang girl|| Lake Maninjau|| Indonesia
5196-25.jpg|| butterfly (on my shoe)|| Lake Maninjau|| Indonesia
5196-07.jpg|| picking up chilli|| Lake Maninjau|| Indonesia
5202-02a.jpg|| waterfall|| Lake Maninjau|| Indonesia
5194-08.jpg|| grass-hopper|| Lake Maninjau|| Indonesia
5202-07.jpg|| waterfall|| Lake Maninjau|| Indonesia
5196-26.jpg|| minang family|| Lake Maninjau|| Indonesia
5196-37.jpg|| the wild pig hunter|| Lake Maninjau|| Indonesia
5196-34.jpg|| the wild pig hunter|| Lake Maninjau|| Indonesia
5196-21.jpg|| bull - the symbol of minangkabau|| Lake Maninjau|| Indonesia
5202-12.jpg|| the rest|| Lake Maninjau|| Indonesia
5196-12.jpg|| minang house|| Lake Maninjau|| Indonesia
5201-15b.jpg|| mentawai woman|| Siberut island|| Indonesia
5201-20.jpg|| flora of siberut|| Siberut island|| Indonesia
5201-10.jpg|| mentawai children taking bath in river|| Siberut island|| Indonesia
5201-21.jpg|| mentawai sikerei|| Siberut island|| Indonesia
5201-14.jpg|| mentawai woman|| Siberut island|| Indonesia
5201-28.jpg|| mentawai sikerei|| Siberut island|| Indonesia
5206-03.jpg|| making arrows|| Siberut island|| Indonesia
5202-37.jpg|| luat and tuda|| Siberut island|| Indonesia
5206-25.jpg|| mentawai like bracelets|| Siberut island|| Indonesia
5201-24.jpg|| roasting the pig|| Siberut island|| Indonesia
5206-09.jpg|| mentawai woman|| Siberut island|| Indonesia
5201-25.jpg|| mentawai children|| Siberut island|| Indonesia
5201-23.jpg|| mentawai sikerei|| Siberut island|| Indonesia
5201-26.jpg|| mentawai family|| Siberut island|| Indonesia
5201-22.jpg|| mentawai sikerei|| Siberut island|| Indonesia
5202-22a.jpg|| mentawai boy|| Siberut island|| Indonesia
5202-26.jpg|| colours of metawai|| Siberut island|| Indonesia
5202-25.jpg|| am already a MAN!|| Siberut island|| Indonesia
5206-15.jpg|| dreaming..|| Siberut island|| Indonesia
5202-36.jpg|| processing of sago|| Siberut island|| Indonesia
5206-04a.jpg|| playing with the bow|| Siberut island|| Indonesia
5206-31.jpg|| sikerei in trans|| Siberut island|| Indonesia
5206-29.jpg|| the singing ceremony|| Siberut island|| Indonesia
5206-30.jpg|| mentawai sikerei|| Siberut island|| Indonesia
5206-18.jpg|| mentawai sikerei|| Siberut island|| Indonesia
5206-10.jpg|| flora of siberut|| Siberut island|| Indonesia
5206-14.jpg|| mentawai boy|| Siberut island|| Indonesia
5201-18.jpg|| mentawai sikerei|| Siberut island|| Indonesia
5201-30.jpg|| trekking on siberut|| Siberut island|| Indonesia
5201-35a.jpg|| mentawai sikerei|| Siberut island|| Indonesia
5202-28.jpg|| children are VERY skilled|| Siberut island|| Indonesia
5201-11a.jpg|| mentawai boy|| Siberut island|| Indonesia
5206-06.jpg|| mentawai boy|| Siberut island|| Indonesia
5202-19.jpg|| preparing sago bread|| Siberut island|| Indonesia
5201-02.jpg|| flora of siberut|| Siberut island|| Indonesia
5206-21.jpg|| preparing the poisonous arrows|| Siberut island|| Indonesia
5202-20.jpg|| Mentawai woman and david|| Siberut island|| Indonesia
5208-12.jpg|| rice field (sunset)|| Kerinci|| Indonesia
5208-11.jpg|| passion fruits|| Kerinci|| Indonesia
5204-21.jpg|| W waterfall|| Kerinci|| Indonesia
5204-09.jpg|| leaf abstraction|| Kerinci|| Indonesia
5199-05.jpg|| clothes abstraction|| Kerinci|| Indonesia
5204-04.jpg|| kerinci jungle|| Kerinci|| Indonesia
5199-25.jpg|| kerinci woman|| Kerinci|| Indonesia
5208-32.jpg|| poor people of sumatra|| Kerinci|| Indonesia
5199-15.jpg|| tea plantation worker|| Kerinci|| Indonesia
5204-14.jpg|| tea plantation|| Kerinci|| Indonesia
5199-10.jpg|| sunset|| Kerinci|| Indonesia
5199-22.jpg|| to the clouds..|| Kerinci|| Indonesia
5199-28.jpg|| the rainy day|| Kerinci|| Indonesia
5204-20.jpg|| W waterfalls|| Kerinci|| Indonesia
5199-17.jpg|| try to find HIM :)|| Kerinci|| Indonesia
5204-11.jpg|| mt. kerinci|| Kerinci|| Indonesia
5208-28.jpg|| petrol station|| Kerinci|| Indonesia
5199-08.jpg|| comming back from field|| Kerinci|| Indonesia
5204-07.jpg|| in the jungle|| Kerinci|| Indonesia
5208-33.jpg|| local means of transport|| Kerinci|| Indonesia
5199-09.jpg|| sunset|| Kerinci|| Indonesia
5204-12.jpg|| tea plantation|| Kerinci|| Indonesia
5208-31.jpg|| tea plantation|| Kerinci|| Indonesia
5204-01.jpg|| kerinci jungle|| Kerinci|| Indonesia
5199-12.jpg|| welcome to kerinci national park.|| Kerinci|| Indonesia
5204-28.jpg|| kerinci countryside|| Kerinci|| Indonesia
5199-04.jpg|| trees|| Kerinci|| Indonesia
5208-10.jpg|| the cat|| Kerinci|| Indonesia
5199-18.jpg|| tea plantation worker|| Kerinci|| Indonesia
5199-23.jpg|| selling tea|| Kerinci|| Indonesia
5204-17.jpg|| comming back from field|| Kerinci|| Indonesia
5208-07.jpg|| transporting goods on bike|| Kerinci|| Indonesia
5204-36.jpg|| david|| Kerinci|| Indonesia
5208-16.jpg|| danau gunung tujuh|| Kerinci|| Indonesia
5207-29.jpg|| lake toba|| Lake Toba|| Indonesia
5207-26.jpg|| west part of lake toba|| Lake Toba|| Indonesia
5207-28.jpg|| west part of lake toba|| Lake Toba|| Indonesia
5193-02.jpg|| batak dance|| Lake Toba|| Indonesia
5193-04.jpg|| batak dance|| Lake Toba|| Indonesia
5193-01.jpg|| batak dance|| Lake Toba|| Indonesia
5207-08.jpg|| batak girl|| Lake Toba|| Indonesia
5207-12.jpg|| FREEDOM! (orangutan)|| Lake Toba|| Indonesia
5199-37.jpg|| batak dance|| Lake Toba|| Indonesia
5193-09.jpg|| batak house|| Lake Toba|| Indonesia
5199-30.jpg|| batak village|| Lake Toba|| Indonesia
5193-10.jpg|| house detail|| Lake Toba|| Indonesia
5193-28a.jpg|| sipiso-piso waterfall|| Lake Toba|| Indonesia
5193-20.jpg|| lake toba|| Lake Toba|| Indonesia
5193-30.jpg|| sipiso-piso waterfall|| Lake Toba|| Indonesia
5207-24.jpg|| west part of lake toba|| Lake Toba|| Indonesia
5207-19.jpg|| west part of lake toba|| Lake Toba|| Indonesia
5207-27.jpg|| west part of lake toba|| Lake Toba|| Indonesia
5199-32.jpg|| batak shaman|| Lake Toba|| Indonesia
5207-13.jpg|| bat cave, bukit lawang|| Lake Toba|| Indonesia