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09sn-3586.jpg|| The Head Of Ethiouwar Bedik Village|| Bedick Tribe|| Senegal
09sn-3649.jpg|| Biwol Bedick Eldery Woman|| Bedick Tribe|| Senegal
09sn-3588.jpg|| Bedick Eldery Man|| Bedick Tribe|| Senegal
09sn-3613.jpg|| Typical Bedick House|| Bedick Tribe|| Senegal
09sn-3629.jpg|| Baobab Near Iwol Village|| Bedick Tribe|| Senegal
09sn-3661.jpg|| Typical Bedick Houses|| Bedick Tribe|| Senegal
09sn-3599.jpg|| An Eldery Man Preparing Mats In Ethiouwar|| Bedick Tribe|| Senegal
09sn-3669.jpg|| Biwol Bedick Woman|| Bedick Tribe|| Senegal
09sn-3593.jpg|| Women Bringing Water To The Village Of Ethiouwar|| Bedick Tribe|| Senegal
09sn-3607.jpg|| A Bedick Kid|| Bedick Tribe|| Senegal
09sn-3615.jpg|| Bedick Woman Processing Crops|| Bedick Tribe|| Senegal
09sn-3612.jpg|| An Eldery Woman Making Beads|| Bedick Tribe|| Senegal
09sn-3637.jpg|| Biwol Bedick Woman|| Bedick Tribe|| Senegal
09sn-3635.jpg|| Biwol Bedick Woman|| Bedick Tribe|| Senegal
09sn-3639.jpg|| Biwol Bedick Woman|| Bedick Tribe|| Senegal
09sn-3623.jpg|| Tree And Sky|| Bedick Tribe|| Senegal
09sn-3608.jpg|| A Bedick Kid|| Bedick Tribe|| Senegal
09sn-3671.jpg|| Boy|| Bedick Tribe|| Senegal
09sn-3619.jpg|| Ibel Village|| Bedick Tribe|| Senegal
09sn-3663.jpg|| Typical Bedick Houses|| Bedick Tribe|| Senegal
09sn-2611.jpg|| Small Girl In Serekunda|| Senegambia|| Senegal
09sn-2647.jpg|| Processing Crops|| Senegambia|| Senegal
09sn-2607.jpg|| Kid In Serrekunda|| Senegambia|| Senegal
09sn-3689.jpg|| Man In Gare Routiere|| Senegambia|| Senegal
09sn-3698.jpg|| Kids In Kedougou|| Senegambia|| Senegal
09sn-3683.jpg|| Kedougou Local Market|| Senegambia|| Senegal
09sn-3888.jpg|| Green Velvet Monkey|| Senegambia|| Senegal
09sn-3892.jpg|| Volture In Abuko|| Senegambia|| Senegal
09sn-3692.jpg|| Eldery Man In Kedougou|| Senegambia|| Senegal
09sn-3733.jpg|| Fisherman Eating Lunch|| Casamance|| Senegal
09sn-3746.jpg|| Repairing The Net|| Casamance|| Senegal
09sn-3856.jpg|| Man On A Beach|| Casamance|| Senegal
09sn-3708.jpg|| Boys On Pirogue|| Casamance|| Senegal
09sn-3715.jpg|| Boys On Pirogue|| Casamance|| Senegal
09sn-3709.jpg|| Boys On Pirogue|| Casamance|| Senegal
09sn-3749.jpg|| Drying Fish|| Casamance|| Senegal
09sn-3752.jpg|| Dry Fish|| Casamance|| Senegal
09sn-3753.jpg|| Drying Fish|| Casamance|| Senegal
09sn-3858.jpg|| Selling Fish|| Casamance|| Senegal
09sn-3756.jpg|| Drying Fish|| Casamance|| Senegal
09sn-3860.jpg|| Fisherman|| Casamance|| Senegal
09sn-3839.jpg|| Trees By A Beach|| Casamance|| Senegal
09sn-3851.jpg|| Fishermen Setting Out|| Casamance|| Senegal
09sn-3864.jpg|| Bike And Boat|| Casamance|| Senegal
09sn-3876.jpg|| Sales Officer|| Casamance|| Senegal
09sn-2966.jpg|| Working On Salt Field|| Salt Harvesting|| Senegal
09sn-3330.jpg|| Harvesting Salt|| Salt Harvesting|| Senegal
09sn-2958.jpg|| Harvesting Salt|| Salt Harvesting|| Senegal
09sn-2869.jpg|| Transporting Salt|| Salt Harvesting|| Senegal
09sn-2939.jpg|| Salt Field|| Salt Harvesting|| Senegal
09sn-2987.jpg|| Salt Harvester|| Salt Harvesting|| Senegal
09sn-3183.jpg|| Kid On A Salt Field|| Salt Harvesting|| Senegal
09sn-3209.jpg|| Breaking Down Salt Layer|| Salt Harvesting|| Senegal
09sn-3358.jpg|| Harvesting Salt|| Salt Harvesting|| Senegal
09sn-3372.jpg|| Old Lady On A Salt Field|| Salt Harvesting|| Senegal
09sn-2747.jpg|| In A Fight|| Traditional Wrestling|| Senegal
09sn-2708.jpg|| Preparing For Training|| Traditional Wrestling|| Senegal
09sn-2830.jpg|| Body Building|| Traditional Wrestling|| Senegal
09sn-3537.jpg|| Traditional Wrestling Fight|| Traditional Wrestling|| Senegal
09sn-3573.jpg|| Traditional Wrestler|| Traditional Wrestling|| Senegal
09sn-3460.jpg|| Concentration|| Traditional Wrestling|| Senegal
09sn-3800.jpg|| Wrestling On A Beach|| Traditional Wrestling|| Senegal
09sn-3575.jpg|| In A Fight|| Traditional Wrestling|| Senegal
09sn-3034.jpg|| We Are One|| Traditional Wrestling|| Senegal