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06no-IMGP9886.jpg|| Svenner Fyr (Lighthouse)|| Best of 2006|| Norway
06no-0289.jpg|| Svenner Fyr (Lighthouse)|| Best of 2006|| Norway
06no-IMGP9941hdr.jpg|| Svenner Fyr (Lighthouse)|| Best of 2006|| Norway
06no-1827.jpg|| Fields|| Best of 2006|| Norway
06no-976-hdr.jpg|| Rønnomnipen|| Best of 2006|| Norway
06no-2594.jpg|| Fields And Snow|| Best of 2006|| Norway
06no-1363.jpg|| Goksjø|| Best of 2006|| Norway
06no-1801.jpg|| Tree And A Cloud|| Best of 2006|| Norway
06no-945.jpg|| Trees And Lake|| Best of 2006|| Norway
06no-592.jpg|| Tree Boats|| Best of 2006|| Norway
06no-598.jpg|| Tree Boats|| Best of 2006|| Norway
06no-595.jpg|| Tree Boats|| Best of 2006|| Norway
06no-0225.jpg|| Detail Of Heddal Stavkirke (Stavechurch)|| Best of 2006|| Norway
06no-0212.jpg|| Detail Of Heddal Stavkirke (Stavechurch)|| Best of 2006|| Norway
06no-0209.jpg|| Heddal Stavkirke (Stavechurch)|| Best of 2006|| Norway
06no-0222.jpg|| Detail Of Heddal Stavkirke (Stavechurch)|| Best of 2006|| Norway
06no-0217.jpg|| Heddal Stavkirke (Stavechurch)|| Best of 2006|| Norway
06no-0216.jpg|| Heddal Stavkirke (Stavechurch)|| Best of 2006|| Norway
06no-1733.jpg|| Medieval Burial-ground|| Best of 2006|| Norway
06no-0248.jpg|| Medieval Burial-ground And Field|| Best of 2006|| Norway
06no-1740.jpg|| Medieval Burial-ground|| Best of 2006|| Norway
06no-2235.jpg|| Ha Det Bra|| Best of 2006|| Norway
06no-1761.jpg|| The God Sees You|| Best of 2006|| Norway
06no-2460.jpg|| Sailboats In Sandefjord|| Best of 2006|| Norway
06no-IMGP9768.jpg|| Lindholmen|| Best of 2006|| Norway
06no-2497.jpg|| Autumn In Vestfold|| Best of 2006|| Norway
06no-2606.jpg|| Clouds And Moon|| Best of 2006|| Norway
06no-2747.jpg|| Trees And River|| Best of 2006|| Norway
06no-605.jpg|| Fenders And Shadows|| Best of 2006|| Norway
06no-IMGP8336.jpg|| Winter In Vestfold|| Best of 2006|| Norway
06no-0556.jpg|| Salmon Fishing|| Best of 2006|| Norway
06no-2719.jpg|| Colorful Houses|| Best of 2006|| Norway
06no-834.jpg|| Brevik|| Best of 2006|| Norway
06no-0297.jpg|| Svenner Fyr (Lighthouse)|| Best of 2006|| Norway
06no-959.jpg|| Rønnomnipen|| Best of 2006|| Norway
06no-1784-hdr.jpg|| Autumn By Farmenrøysa|| Best of 2006|| Norway
06no-0346.jpg|| Telemarken Passanger Boat In Telemarkkanalen|| The Telemark Canal (Telemarkskanalen)|| Norway
06no-0305.jpg|| Boats By Telemarkskanalen|| The Telemark Canal (Telemarkskanalen)|| Norway
06no-0404.jpg|| Old Boat By Telemarkskanalen|| The Telemark Canal (Telemarkskanalen)|| Norway
06no-0337.jpg|| The Tallest Lock - Vrangfoss|| The Telemark Canal (Telemarkskanalen)|| Norway
06no-0340.jpg|| Entrance To The Lock Chamber|| The Telemark Canal (Telemarkskanalen)|| Norway
06no-0334.jpg|| Opening The Lock Chamber|| The Telemark Canal (Telemarkskanalen)|| Norway
06no-0461.jpg|| Enjoying The Telemakskanalen|| The Telemark Canal (Telemarkskanalen)|| Norway
06no-0322.jpg|| Manual Service Of The Telemarkskanalen|| The Telemark Canal (Telemarkskanalen)|| Norway
06no-0354.jpg|| Manual Service Of The Lock Chambers|| The Telemark Canal (Telemarkskanalen)|| Norway
06no-0396.jpg|| Landscape Of Upper Telemarkscanalen|| The Telemark Canal (Telemarkskanalen)|| Norway
06no-0409.jpg|| Landscape Of The Telemarkskanalen|| The Telemark Canal (Telemarkskanalen)|| Norway
06no-0401.jpg|| First Czech Boat On Telemarskanalen?|| The Telemark Canal (Telemarkskanalen)|| Norway
09298-19.jpg|| Green Mirror|| Jotunheimen II|| Norway
09297-32.jpg|| Blue Star|| Jotunheimen II|| Norway
09297-11.jpg|| Tears Of Love|| Jotunheimen II|| Norway
481625-15.jpg|| broken soul..|| Jotunheimen II|| Norway
481625-07.jpg|| walking on Svellnosbreen glacier|| Jotunheimen II|| Norway
481658-17.jpg|| Svellnosbreen glacier|| Jotunheimen II|| Norway
481635-06.jpg|| Ice Lake|| Jotunheimen II|| Norway
09297-12.jpg|| Frozen Memories (Svellnosbreen)|| Jotunheimen II|| Norway
481635-33.jpg|| Svellnosbreen glacier|| Jotunheimen II|| Norway
481633-24.jpg|| rapid river|| Jotunheimen II|| Norway
481635-30.jpg|| glacier abstraction (Svellnosbreen)|| Jotunheimen II|| Norway
481625-02.jpg|| sunset over jotunheimen|| Jotunheimen II|| Norway
481635-36.jpg|| sunset over Svellnosbreen glacier|| Jotunheimen II|| Norway
481658-07.jpg|| Svellnosbreen glacier|| Jotunheimen II|| Norway
89183-11.jpg|| lofoten scenery|| Lofoten|| Norway
82099-17.jpg|| courage|| Lofoten|| Norway
89185-23.jpg|| steep peaks of lofoten|| Lofoten|| Norway
89184-02.jpg|| lake bank|| Lofoten|| Norway
89184-13.jpg|| steep mountains of lofoten|| Lofoten|| Norway
89185-11.jpg|| hidden house by lake|| Lofoten|| Norway
89185-03.jpg|| in the bode harbour|| Lofoten|| Norway
89185-07.jpg|| sunrise at lofoten|| Lofoten|| Norway
89183-04.jpg|| siesta|| Lofoten|| Norway
89185-19.jpg|| Å scenery|| Lofoten|| Norway
89185-14.jpg|| Å scenery|| Lofoten|| Norway
89185-31.jpg|| Å scenery|| Lofoten|| Norway
89185-20.jpg|| sand abstraction|| Lofoten|| Norway
89185-26.jpg|| Å beautiful scenery|| Lofoten|| Norway
89185-30.jpg|| steep peaks of lofoten|| Lofoten|| Norway
89185-32.jpg|| Å scenery|| Lofoten|| Norway
05no-IMGP4296.jpg|| Seagull And Moon|| Best of 2005|| Norway
04no-IMGP2837.jpg|| Sunrise On Østerøya|| Best of 2005|| Norway
05no-IMGP4582.jpg|| Ying And Yang|| Best of 2005|| Norway
05no-IMGP2987.jpg|| Rocks On Vesterøya|| Best of 2005|| Norway
05no-IMGP2995.jpg|| Stone In Clouds|| Best of 2005|| Norway
05no-IMGP3017.jpg|| Island In Sunset|| Best of 2005|| Norway
05no-IMGP4307.jpg|| Lonely Tree By Sea|| Best of 2005|| Norway
05no-IMGP4146.jpg|| Bergekilen And Brown Algae|| Best of 2005|| Norway
05no-IMGP4234.jpg|| Spring Is Comming|| Best of 2005|| Norway
04no-IMGP2798.jpg|| Freezing Cold|| Best of 2005|| Norway
05no-_IGP5867.jpg|| Moon Over Sandefjord Harbour|| Best of 2005|| Norway
05no-IMGP4037.jpg|| Shy Personality Of Swan|| Best of 2005|| Norway
05no-IMGP4797.jpg|| Magic Evening|| Best of 2005|| Norway
05no-IMGP5306.jpg|| Dalen Valley, Telemark|| Best of 2005|| Norway
05no-IMGP4873.jpg|| Stone By A Coast|| Best of 2005|| Norway
05no-IMGP5039.jpg|| Swimming By Martaholmen|| Best of 2005|| Norway
05no-IMGP5002.jpg|| Rocks And A House|| Best of 2005|| Norway
05no-IMGP5041.jpg|| Typical House And Clouds|| Best of 2005|| Norway
05no-IMGP4973.jpg|| Butterfly On A Flower|| Best of 2005|| Norway
05no-IMGP4346-2.jpg|| Triangles|| Best of 2005|| Norway
50no-IMGP6513.jpg|| Hell|| Best of 2005|| Norway
05no-IMGP4544.jpg|| Boat Detail|| Best of 2005|| Norway
05no-IMGP5289.jpg|| Mountains In Fog|| Best of 2005|| Norway
05no-IMGP5363.jpg|| Old Part Of Sadefjord|| Best of 2005|| Norway
05no-IMGP5988.jpg|| Boats By Heivannet|| Best of 2005|| Norway
05no-IMGP6010.jpg|| Autumn Is Comming|| Best of 2005|| Norway
05no-IMGP6020.jpg|| Heivannet Panorama|| Best of 2005|| Norway
05no-IMGP6046.jpg|| Autumn|| Best of 2005|| Norway
05no-IMGP6638.jpg|| Sunset On Skjellvika|| Best of 2005|| Norway
05no-IMGP6168.jpg|| Sea Kayaking|| Best of 2005|| Norway
50no-IMGP6460.jpg|| The A.D.E. I.|| Best of 2005|| Norway
IMGP5134.jpg|| Typical House By A Lake|| Best of 2005|| Norway
IMGP5165-p.jpg|| Sunset On Mountains|| Best of 2005|| Norway
IMGP5256.jpg|| Wild River|| Best of 2005|| Norway
IMGP5107.jpg|| Ulevåtvatnet Lake|| Best of 2005|| Norway
05no-IMGP5939.jpg|| Holmfoss, Kvelde|| Best of 2005|| Norway
04no-0314.jpg|| Lonely Trees On A Field|| Best of 2004|| Norway
04no-0608.jpg|| Tree By A Waterfall|| Best of 2004|| Norway
04no-0348.jpg|| Leaf Abstraction|| Best of 2004|| Norway
04no-0459.jpg|| Goksjø Lake|| Best of 2004|| Norway
04no-0357.jpg|| Swamp In The Autumn|| Best of 2004|| Norway
04no-0532.jpg|| Peaceful Lågen|| Best of 2004|| Norway
04no-0517.jpg|| Lågen River|| Best of 2004|| Norway
04no-0572.jpg|| Damvannet|| Best of 2004|| Norway
04no-0558.jpg|| Hills In Lågen Valley|| Best of 2004|| Norway
04no03-406058-21.jpg|| Small Steps Of Long Journey|| Best of 2004|| Norway
04no04-406056-18.jpg|| The Curves I.|| Best of 2004|| Norway
04no03-406058-23.jpg|| Sleeping Kingdom|| Best of 2004|| Norway
04no04-406056-10.jpg|| Sunrise By A Stream|| Best of 2004|| Norway
04no04-406056-12.jpg|| Meeting Point|| Best of 2004|| Norway
04no04-406056-14.jpg|| Brothers|| Best of 2004|| Norway
04no04-406056-35.jpg|| Where Now?|| Best of 2004|| Norway
04no05-43335-03.jpg|| Norefjell|| Best of 2004|| Norway
04no05-43335-25.jpg|| Stars In Snow|| Best of 2004|| Norway
04no07-74250-16b.jpg|| Green Oasis|| Best of 2004|| Norway
04no08-0156.jpg|| Farris Lake II.|| Best of 2004|| Norway
04no08-0181.jpg|| Islands In The Fjord|| Best of 2004|| Norway
04no07-74250-06.jpg|| Beauty Of Simplicity|| Best of 2004|| Norway
04no07-74250-07.jpg|| A Ladder|| Best of 2004|| Norway
04no01-901905-10.jpg|| Colours Of Autumn|| Best of 2003|| Norway
04no01-901905-07.jpg|| Pine By Goksjoa|| Best of 2003|| Norway
04no02-698464-24.jpg|| Beautiful Autumn|| Best of 2003|| Norway
04no02-698464-31.jpg|| Farm House|| Best of 2003|| Norway
9854-05.jpg|| Coast Detail|| Best of 2003|| Norway
8627-14.jpg|| Colours Of Three|| Best of 2003|| Norway
4975-11.jpg|| detail of decoration of bunad|| Best of 2003|| Norway
4975-15.jpg|| detail of decoration of bunad|| Best of 2003|| Norway
4975-12.jpg|| detail of decoration of bunad|| Best of 2003|| Norway
09298-08.jpg|| Isolation II.|| Best of 2003|| Norway
09042-24.jpg|| Farris Lake|| Best of 2003|| Norway
9854-13.jpg|| Flowers Abstraction I.|| Best of 2003|| Norway
09298-07.jpg|| Falling Water|| Best of 2003|| Norway
9854-20.jpg|| Farm Field II.|| Best of 2003|| Norway
14415-01.jpg|| foggy night|| Best of 2003|| Norway
14415-05.jpg|| witch|| Best of 2003|| Norway
25088-05.jpg|| Fishermans House|| Best of 2003|| Norway
14415-10.jpg|| romantic loneliness|| Best of 2003|| Norway
14415-20a.jpg|| Tønsberg Slott|| Best of 2003|| Norway
25088-32.jpg|| Marriage At The End Of The World|| Best of 2003|| Norway
15811-30.jpg|| kragerø|| Best of 2003|| Norway
15811-29.jpg|| jomfruland coastline|| Best of 2003|| Norway
69110-23.jpg|| Dannish Sailboat|| Best of 2003|| Norway
68683-32.jpg|| Victory Over Rainbow|| Best of 2003|| Norway
15811-26.jpg|| flowers in bloom|| Best of 2003|| Norway
25088-14.jpg|| Field&Clouds I.|| Best of 2003|| Norway
25088-10.jpg|| Soil Abstraction I.|| Best of 2003|| Norway
68683-10.jpg|| Sharp Blade|| Best of 2003|| Norway
68683-16.jpg|| Marthaholmen Coast|| Best of 2003|| Norway
68683-21.jpg|| Coast Pool|| Best of 2003|| Norway
68683-11.jpg|| Water On Fire|| Best of 2003|| Norway
98733-20.jpg|| New Year|| Best of 2003|| Norway
69110-28.jpg|| Work In Wood|| Best of 2003|| Norway
70164-15.jpg|| skiing tree|| Best of 2003|| Norway
70163-18.jpg|| cross-country skiing fans|| Best of 2003|| Norway
70164-23.jpg|| house by frozen river|| Best of 2003|| Norway
610766-34.jpg|| swan in sunset|| Best of 2003|| Norway
610766-31.jpg|| sunset in fjord (engøy)|| Best of 2003|| Norway
770355-34.jpg|| Rolling Straw|| Best of 2003|| Norway
481676-21.jpg|| sunset over runde|| Best of 2002|| Norway
481713-21.jpg|| fjord|| Best of 2002|| Norway
481713-34.jpg|| View over fjord|| Best of 2002|| Norway
3033-27.jpg|| stavanger old city|| Best of 2002|| Norway
3032-13.jpg|| tjølling church|| Best of 2002|| Norway
3032-26.jpg|| sandefjord church|| Best of 2002|| Norway
3033-15.jpg|| national costume|| Best of 2002|| Norway
3032-22.jpg|| detail of doors|| Best of 2002|| Norway
3032-04.jpg|| field|| Best of 2002|| Norway
3032-23.jpg|| sandefjord in the night|| Best of 2002|| Norway
3031-01.jpg|| house detail|| Best of 2002|| Norway
3033-32.jpg|| street of stavanger old city|| Best of 2002|| Norway
22868-18.jpg|| heddal church detail|| Best of 2002|| Norway
22868-24.jpg|| detail of the church|| Best of 2002|| Norway
22868-31.jpg|| detail of wood carving|| Best of 2002|| Norway
3033-12.jpg|| hmm..|| Best of 2002|| Norway
23579-27.jpg|| colours|| Best of 2002|| Norway
23845-09.jpg|| milion years ago|| Best of 2002|| Norway
23845-29.jpg|| bloody sunset|| Best of 2002|| Norway
191406-25.jpg|| stones at østerøya|| Best of 2002|| Norway
191406-28b.jpg|| sunset|| Best of 2002|| Norway
481633-09.jpg|| seven sisters waterfall|| Best of 2002|| Norway
481662-30.jpg|| detail of flower|| Best of 2002|| Norway
481661-15.jpg|| watterfall|| Best of 2002|| Norway
481661-03a.jpg|| beach abstraction|| Best of 2002|| Norway
481663-37.jpg|| puffin|| Best of 2002|| Norway
481661-20.jpg|| fern by stream|| Best of 2002|| Norway
481662-05.jpg|| musk-oxes|| Best of 2002|| Norway
481663-02.jpg|| horses|| Best of 2002|| Norway
481662-21.jpg|| musk-ox|| Best of 2002|| Norway
79210-26.jpg|| how many more days?|| Best of 2002|| Norway
287326-01.jpg|| in mirrors|| Best of 2002|| Norway
481663-09.jpg|| brazilian celebration|| Best of 2002|| Norway
481663-32.jpg|| runde scenery|| Best of 2002|| Norway
481676-28.jpg|| birds on the rock|| Best of 2002|| Norway
481713-28.jpg|| storm over fjord|| Best of 2002|| Norway
71628-35.jpg|| Leaving Norway|| Best of 2001|| Norway
81662-19.jpg|| bird on boat mast|| Best of 2001|| Norway
81662-27.jpg|| foggy day|| Best of 2001|| Norway
07737-06.jpg|| frozen abstraction|| Best of 2001|| Norway
68775-06.jpg|| sunset in sandefjord|| Best of 2001|| Norway
4366-09.jpg|| sunset with hips|| Best of 2001|| Norway
83858-21.jpg|| rondane scenery|| Best of 2001|| Norway
83870-21.jpg|| dovrefjell scenery|| Best of 2001|| Norway
83858-17.jpg|| lonely tree|| Best of 2001|| Norway
4519-03.jpg|| guard|| Best of 2001|| Norway
68775-18.jpg|| house abstraction|| Best of 2001|| Norway
4519-20.jpg|| abstraction|| Best of 2001|| Norway
83870-05.jpg|| incredible colours of fall|| Best of 2001|| Norway
83857-32.jpg|| river in rondane|| Best of 2001|| Norway
83857-19.jpg|| fall is comming|| Best of 2001|| Norway
80808-32.jpg|| gjende lake|| Best of 2001|| Norway
93873-08.jpg|| sad poppy|| Best of 2001|| Norway
70707-6.jpg|| telemark scenery|| Best of 2001|| Norway
70707-25.jpg|| sandefjord fountain|| Best of 2001|| Norway
70707-17.jpg|| cliffs|| Best of 2001|| Norway
70707-31.jpg|| sandefjord fountain|| Best of 2001|| Norway
83870-16.jpg|| stone in ice|| Best of 2001|| Norway
83857-11.jpg|| trees agains sky|| Best of 2001|| Norway
83870-36.jpg|| few meters below top of snoehyta|| Best of 2001|| Norway
70707-x03.jpg|| yusuph (turkey)|| Best of 2001|| Norway
07no-2763.jpg|| Folehavna After Sunset|| Best of 2007|| Norway
_7NO6727.jpg|| Oslo Fjord|| Best of 2007|| Norway
07no-6693.jpg|| Sunset And Trees|| Best of 2007|| Norway
_7NO2995.jpg|| Swan And Sunset On Goksjø|| Best of 2007|| Norway
07no-3073.jpg|| Fire In Sandefjord|| Best of 2007|| Norway
07no-2928.jpg|| Sunset By Åsrumvannet|| Best of 2007|| Norway
07no-6701.jpg|| Choose The Right Path|| Best of 2007|| Norway
_7NO6730.jpg|| New Snow In Nordmarka|| Best of 2007|| Norway
_7NO6743.jpg|| Stream In Nordmarka|| Best of 2007|| Norway
08-NO0043.jpg|| Hamarskardet|| Hemsedal In Winter|| Norway
08-NO0026.jpg|| Hamarskardet|| Hemsedal In Winter|| Norway
08-NO0050.jpg|| Hamarskardet|| Hemsedal In Winter|| Norway
08-NO0017.jpg|| Nibbi and Skogshorn|| Hemsedal In Winter|| Norway
08no-0092.jpg|| Storehorn|| Hemsedal In Winter|| Norway
08-NO0019.jpg|| Øvredalen|| Hemsedal In Winter|| Norway
08no-0097.jpg|| Panorama against Skardsnuten|| Hemsedal In Winter|| Norway
08no-0100.jpg|| Panorama against Skardsnuten|| Hemsedal In Winter|| Norway
08no-0106.jpg|| Panorama against Skardsnuten|| Hemsedal In Winter|| Norway
08no-0843.jpg|| Small lake by Totten|| Hemsedal In Winter|| Norway
08no-0122.jpg|| Grondøla river|| Hemsedal In Winter|| Norway
08no-0878.jpg|| View from Systerskardfjellet|| Hemsedal In Winter|| Norway
08no-0679.jpg|| Overview from Kyrkjebønosi|| Hemsedal In Winter|| Norway
08no-0863.jpg|| Off piste skiing|| Hemsedal In Winter|| Norway
08no-0879.jpg|| Totten|| Hemsedal In Winter|| Norway
08no-0815.jpg|| Krøderen Lake|| Hemsedal In Winter|| Norway
08no-0823.jpg|| Krøderen Lake|| Hemsedal In Winter|| Norway
08no-0837.jpg|| Mountains and fog|| Hemsedal In Winter|| Norway
08no-0682.jpg|| Hut by Kyrkjebøstlabe|| Hemsedal In Winter|| Norway
08no-0857.jpg|| Ptarmigan (Lagopus muta)|| Hemsedal In Winter|| Norway
08no-0890.jpg|| Sunset over lake|| Hemsedal In Winter|| Norway
08no-1633.jpg|| Boat By Grønmalen Lake|| Fjorda In Autumn|| Norway
08no-1704.jpg|| Sunset In Fjorda|| Fjorda In Autumn|| Norway
08no-1659.jpg|| Stone By Water Canal|| Fjorda In Autumn|| Norway
08no-1650.jpg|| Enjoying a canoe trip|| Fjorda In Autumn|| Norway
08no-1712.jpg|| Paddling In Fjorda|| Fjorda In Autumn|| Norway
08no-1715.jpg|| Enjoying Sunset In Fjorda|| Fjorda In Autumn|| Norway
08no-1662.jpg|| Fall Colors By A Water Channel|| Fjorda In Autumn|| Norway
08no-1673.jpg|| Whortleberry Growth In Sunset|| Fjorda In Autumn|| Norway
08no-1718.jpg|| Canoe On Grønmalen Lake|| Fjorda In Autumn|| Norway
08no-1680.jpg|| Sunset In Fjorda|| Fjorda In Autumn|| Norway
08no-1724.jpg|| Sunset By Grønmalen Lake|| Fjorda In Autumn|| Norway
08no-1943-hdr.jpg|| Skomakertjern Lake|| Autumn in Nordmarka|| Norway
08no-2011.jpg|| Skjennungen|| Autumn in Nordmarka|| Norway
08no-1896-hdr.jpg|| A Moor On The Way To Skjennungstua|| Autumn in Nordmarka|| Norway
08no-1946.jpg|| Autumn By Skomakertjern|| Autumn in Nordmarka|| Norway
08no-1886.jpg|| View from Skjennungstua towards Tryvann|| Autumn in Nordmarka|| Norway
08no-1918.jpg|| Sunset by Skomakertjern|| Autumn in Nordmarka|| Norway
08no-1962.jpg|| Fall Colors By Store Tryvannstua|| Autumn in Nordmarka|| Norway
08no-2053.jpg|| Fall Colors In Nordmarka|| Autumn in Nordmarka|| Norway
08no-2086.jpg|| Fall By Kopperhaugtjernet|| Autumn in Nordmarka|| Norway
08no-1890.jpg|| View from Skjennungstua towards Tryvann|| Autumn in Nordmarka|| Norway
08no-1955.jpg|| Autumn By Skomakertjern|| Autumn in Nordmarka|| Norway
08no-2080.jpg|| Fall By Kopperhaugtjernet|| Autumn in Nordmarka|| Norway
08no-2056.jpg|| Sterns In Nordmarka|| Autumn in Nordmarka|| Norway
08no-1982.jpg|| Lille Tryvann|| Autumn in Nordmarka|| Norway
08no-2067-hdr.jpg|| Fall By Kopperhaugtjernet|| Autumn in Nordmarka|| Norway
08no-1468.jpg|| Sunset By Bogstad|| Best Of 2008|| Norway
08no-1056.jpg|| Kolsås sunset|| Best Of 2008|| Norway
08no-0906.jpg|| Mærradalsbekken|| Best Of 2008|| Norway
08no-0309.jpg|| Bogstad Lake|| Best Of 2008|| Norway
08no-1181.jpg|| Mountain huts in Rjukan|| Best Of 2008|| Norway
08no-1819.jpg|| Kolsås sunset|| Best Of 2008|| Norway
08no-1416.jpg|| Vigeland Sculpture Park|| Best Of 2008|| Norway
08no-1448.jpg|| Vigeland Sculpture Park|| Best Of 2008|| Norway
08no-1441.jpg|| Vigeland Sculpture Park|| Best Of 2008|| Norway
08no-1533.jpg|| The Peacock Fountain|| Best Of 2008|| Norway
08no-1528.jpg|| The Peacock Fountain|| Best Of 2008|| Norway
08no-1537.jpg|| The Peacock Fountain|| Best Of 2008|| Norway
08no-1824.jpg|| His Majesty the King's Guard|| Best Of 2008|| Norway
08no-1836.jpg|| Putting on a knife|| Best Of 2008|| Norway
08no-1827.jpg|| His Majesty the King's Guard|| Best Of 2008|| Norway
08no-2134.jpg|| Rock In The Sea|| Best Of 2008|| Norway
08no-1922.jpg|| Trees By Skomakertjern|| Best Of 2008|| Norway
08no-2192.jpg|| Magic Stone|| Best Of 2008|| Norway
08no-2219.jpg|| Vigeland Sculpture Park|| Best Of 2008|| Norway
08no-2510.jpg|| Kolsås Over Clouds|| Winter 2009|| Norway
09no-3990.jpg|| Mountains Clouds and Shadows|| Winter 2009|| Norway
09no-2557.jpg|| Church In The Morning Fog|| Winter 2009|| Norway
09no-3987.jpg|| Tops Around Harahorn|| Winter 2009|| Norway
08no-2523.jpg|| Frost And Pine|| Winter 2009|| Norway
09no-3984.jpg|| Tops Around Harahorn|| Winter 2009|| Norway
09no-2552.jpg|| Oslo Fjord|| Winter 2009|| Norway
09no-3979.jpg|| Snow Dune|| Winter 2009|| Norway
08no-2509.jpg|| Mountains Over Clouds|| Winter 2009|| Norway
09no-3991.jpg|| Moody Mountains Around Harahorn|| Winter 2009|| Norway
09no-4017.jpg|| Typical Norwegian Huts|| Winter 2009|| Norway
09no-5471-hdr.jpg|| Bessegen|| Jotunheimen|| Norway
09no-5392_dxo.jpg|| Memurubu By Gjende Lake|| Jotunheimen|| Norway
09no-5398_dxo-hdr.jpg|| Gjende Scenery|| Jotunheimen|| Norway
09no-5336-hdr.jpg|| Leirungsdalen|| Jotunheimen|| Norway
09no-5394_dxo-hdr.jpg|| Memurubu|| Jotunheimen|| Norway
09no-5367-hdr.jpg|| Raudhamran in Leirungsdalen|| Jotunheimen|| Norway
09no-5424-hdr.jpg|| Gjende Lake and Bjørnboltjønne|| Jotunheimen|| Norway
09no-5467_dxo-hdr.jpg|| Bessegen|| Jotunheimen|| Norway
09no-5434_dxo-hdr.jpg|| Besseggen Trek|| Jotunheimen|| Norway
09no-5441-hdr.jpg|| Ice On Bessvatnet|| Jotunheimen|| Norway
09no-5458_dxo-hdr.jpg|| Gjende Lake|| Jotunheimen|| Norway
09no-5431_dxo-hdr.jpg|| Stone By Besseggen|| Jotunheimen|| Norway
09no-5435_dxo-hdr.jpg|| Bessvatnet|| Jotunheimen|| Norway
09no-5461-hdr.jpg|| Bessegen|| Jotunheimen|| Norway
09no-6332.jpg|| Autumn In Grøndalen|| Autumn In Hemsedal|| Norway
09no-6150.jpg|| Autumn Colors By Vavatn|| Autumn In Hemsedal|| Norway
09no-6369.jpg|| Sheeps In Grøndalen|| Autumn In Hemsedal|| Norway
09no-6170.jpg|| Birch By Vanvatn|| Autumn In Hemsedal|| Norway
09no-6343.jpg|| My Heart Belongs To You|| Autumn In Hemsedal|| Norway
09no-6209.jpg|| Autumn By Vavatn|| Autumn In Hemsedal|| Norway
09no-6250-hdr.jpg|| Lysebottåne|| Autumn In Hemsedal|| Norway
09no-6322.jpg|| Ying And Yang|| Autumn In Hemsedal|| Norway
09no-6223.jpg|| Hut By A Waterfall|| Autumn In Hemsedal|| Norway
09no-6270.jpg|| Hemsedal Mountains In Autumn|| Autumn In Hemsedal|| Norway
09no-6267.jpg|| View Towards Grøndalen|| Autumn In Hemsedal|| Norway
09no-6265.jpg|| View Towards Grøndalen|| Autumn In Hemsedal|| Norway
09no-6287.jpg|| Autumn In Hemsedal Mountains|| Autumn In Hemsedal|| Norway
09no-6312.jpg|| Brekkefoss|| Autumn In Hemsedal|| Norway
09no-6354.jpg|| Waterfall In Grøndalen|| Autumn In Hemsedal|| Norway
09no-6214-hdr.jpg|| Small Hut In Nord-Hydalen|| Autumn In Hemsedal|| Norway
09no-6130.jpg|| Karisetberget|| Autumn In Hemsedal|| Norway
09no-6293.jpg|| House In Hemsedal|| Autumn In Hemsedal|| Norway
09no-6192.jpg|| Birch And Autumn Colors|| Autumn In Hemsedal|| Norway
09no-6231.jpg|| Lake In Sør-Hydalen|| Autumn In Hemsedal|| Norway
09no-6178.jpg|| Birch By Vavatn|| Autumn In Hemsedal|| Norway
09no-5574-hdr.jpg|| Fjord By Holmestrand|| Best Of 2009|| Norway
09no-5596.jpg|| Sun In The Jungle|| Best Of 2009|| Norway
09no-5908.jpg|| Relaxing By Bogstadvannet|| Best Of 2009|| Norway
09no-5481.jpg|| Graffiti by Blå club|| Best Of 2009|| Norway
09no-6399.jpg|| Sheeps In Sunset|| Best Of 2009|| Norway
09no-5614.jpg|| Fern Abstraction|| Best Of 2009|| Norway
09no-5606.jpg|| Fly On A Leaf|| Best Of 2009|| Norway
09no-5712.jpg|| Door In Hemsedal|| Best Of 2009|| Norway
09no-5742.jpg|| Lonely House In Hemsedal|| Best Of 2009|| Norway
09no-4308.jpg|| Sunrise by Hvasser|| Best Of 2009|| Norway
09no-5670.jpg|| Paragliding In Hemsedal|| Best Of 2009|| Norway
09no-6432.jpg|| Horse By Bogstad|| Best Of 2009|| Norway
09no-6003.jpg|| Playing Golf At Bogstad|| Best Of 2009|| Norway
09no-5717.jpg|| Green Power|| Best Of 2009|| Norway
09no-6411.jpg|| Sheep herd|| Best Of 2009|| Norway
09no-4319.jpg|| Sunrise by Hvasser|| Best Of 2009|| Norway
09no-5940.jpg|| Nes Church|| Best Of 2009|| Norway
09no-6439.jpg|| Tree In The Autumn|| Best Of 2009|| Norway
09no-6044-hdr.jpg|| Ferns By Bogstad|| Best Of 2009|| Norway
10no-1449.jpg|| House Under Mountains|| Land Of Fjords|| Norway
10no-1948.jpg|| Glacial River|| Land Of Fjords|| Norway
10no-1674.jpg|| Cliffs On Runde Island|| Land Of Fjords|| Norway
10no-1427.jpg|| Ferry In Sognfjorden|| Land Of Fjords|| Norway
10no-2106.jpg|| Lonely House|| Land Of Fjords|| Norway
10no-1963.jpg|| Sunset By Glacial River|| Land Of Fjords|| Norway
10no-1441.jpg|| Scenere Near Sogndal|| Land Of Fjords|| Norway
10no-1797.jpg|| Geiranger|| Land Of Fjords|| Norway
10no-1566.jpg|| Runde Coast|| Land Of Fjords|| Norway
10no-1618.jpg|| Cliffs On Runde Island|| Land Of Fjords|| Norway
10no-1737.jpg|| Huts On Mountains|| Land Of Fjords|| Norway
10no-1575-77p.jpg|| Runde Bird Island|| Land Of Fjords|| Norway
10no-2032.jpg|| Fields Near Lom|| Land Of Fjords|| Norway
10no-2364.jpg|| Frozen Kingdom|| Best Of 2010|| Norway
10no-2328.jpg|| Ormøya|| Best Of 2010|| Norway
10no-1104.jpg|| Ertsvika|| Best Of 2010|| Norway
10no-2266.jpg|| Golden Trees|| Best Of 2010|| Norway
10no-1671.jpg|| Cliffs Of Runde|| Best Of 2010|| Norway
10no-0042-h.jpg|| Mystic Sunset|| Best Of 2010|| Norway
10no-2409.jpg|| Leaves And Frost|| Best Of 2010|| Norway
10no-0154-s.jpg|| Trees In Winter|| Best Of 2010|| Norway
10no-0003.jpg|| Sunset Over Oslo|| Best Of 2010|| Norway
10no-2760.jpg|| Frozen Stream|| Best Of 2010|| Norway
10no-2785.jpg|| Icicles|| Best Of 2010|| Norway
10no-2854.jpg|| Ice Abstraction|| Best Of 2010|| Norway
10no-2650.jpg|| Bogstadvannet|| Best Of 2010|| Norway
10no-0225.jpg|| Poles In Snow|| Best Of 2010|| Norway
10no-2863.jpg|| Seagull|| Best Of 2010|| Norway
10no-2186-hdr.jpg|| Autumn By Hemsila|| Best Of 2010|| Norway
10no-2208.jpg|| Hut By Mountains|| Best Of 2010|| Norway
10no-2495.jpg|| First Snow In Norefjell|| Best Of 2010|| Norway
10no-2681.jpg|| Sunset By Bogstadvannet|| Best Of 2010|| Norway
11no-5017.jpg|| Aurlandsfjord Landscape|| Nærøyfjord World Heritage Area|| Norway
11no-4793.jpg|| Farms At Nærøyfjord|| Nærøyfjord World Heritage Area|| Norway
11no-4635.jpg|| Udredal Harbour|| Nærøyfjord World Heritage Area|| Norway
11no-4785.jpg|| Nærøyfjord|| Nærøyfjord World Heritage Area|| Norway
11no-4821.jpg|| Farmhouse In Nærøyfjord|| Nærøyfjord World Heritage Area|| Norway
11no-4763.jpg|| Ferry On Nærøyfjord|| Nærøyfjord World Heritage Area|| Norway
11no-4496.jpg|| Costa Luminosa In Flåm|| Nærøyfjord World Heritage Area|| Norway
11no-4676.jpg|| Farm House In The Fjord|| Nærøyfjord World Heritage Area|| Norway
11no-4788.jpg|| Nærøyfjord Landscape|| Nærøyfjord World Heritage Area|| Norway
11no-5569.jpg|| Rjukandefossen|| Best Of 2011|| Norway
11no-5389.jpg|| Mystic Mountains|| Best Of 2011|| Norway
11no-6332.jpg|| Winter Landscape|| Best Of 2011|| Norway
11no-5739.jpg|| Birch By Lake|| Best Of 2011|| Norway
11no-5656.jpg|| Path In The Woods|| Best Of 2011|| Norway
11no-5599.jpg|| Autumn Colors|| Best Of 2011|| Norway
11no-5744.jpg|| Hills During Inversion|| Best Of 2011|| Norway
11no-5134.jpg|| Three Colours|| Best Of 2011|| Norway
11no-4376.jpg|| Between Lakes|| Best Of 2011|| Norway
11no-5117.jpg|| Holmenkollen|| Best Of 2011|| Norway
11no-5078.jpg|| Mountain Hut|| Best Of 2011|| Norway
11no-5482.jpg|| Storehødn|| Best Of 2011|| Norway
12no-0040.jpg|| Stream Reflection|| Best Of 2012|| Norway
12no-0563.jpg|| Colourful Bow|| Best Of 2012|| Norway
12no-0568.jpg|| Trees And Trolls|| Best Of 2012|| Norway
12no-0645.jpg|| Bryggen|| Best Of 2012|| Norway
12no-1137.jpg|| Colour Abstraction|| Best Of 2012|| Norway
12no-0479.jpg|| Mountain Landscape|| Best Of 2012|| Norway
12no-1237.jpg|| Trysil Winter Landscape|| Best Of 2012|| Norway
12no-1265.jpg|| Winter Knocking|| Best Of 2012|| Norway
12no-1124.jpg|| Autumn Drammen Landscape|| Best Of 2012|| Norway
12no-0417.jpg|| Old House|| Best Of 2012|| Norway
12no-0400.jpg|| Boat On Lake|| Best Of 2012|| Norway
12no-0808.jpg|| Lonely House|| Best Of 2012|| Norway
12no-1286.jpg|| Mystic Vigeland Park|| Best Of 2012|| Norway
12no-D300-0081.jpg|| Winter Landscape|| Best Of 2012|| Norway
12no-1292.jpg|| Waiting|| Best Of 2012|| Norway
12no-0925.jpg|| Fireworks In Oslofjord|| Best Of 2012|| Norway
12no-0593.jpg|| Tree Abstraction|| Best Of 2012|| Norway
12no-1372.jpg|| Vigeland Park|| Best Of 2012|| Norway
13no-1783.jpg|| Fishing Boats In Harbour|| Lofoten 2013|| Norway
13no-1800.jpg|| Traditional Rorbu|| Lofoten 2013|| Norway
13no-1895.jpg|| Boat At Bay|| Lofoten 2013|| Norway
13no-1811.jpg|| Boathouse|| Lofoten 2013|| Norway
13no-1890.jpg|| Stone On Beach|| Lofoten 2013|| Norway
13no-1877.jpg|| Henningsvær|| Lofoten 2013|| Norway
13no-1850.jpg|| Clear Sea|| Lofoten 2013|| Norway
13no-1948.jpg|| Hamnøy|| Lofoten 2013|| Norway
13no-1825.jpg|| Rørvika|| Lofoten 2013|| Norway
13no-1925.jpg|| Ramberg|| Lofoten 2013|| Norway
13no-1986.jpg|| Boat At Dock|| Lofoten 2013|| Norway
13no-2114.jpg|| Bird View|| Lofoten 2013|| Norway
13no-2110.jpg|| Houses And Riverband|| Lofoten 2013|| Norway
13no-2320.jpg|| Boathouse And Mountains|| Lofoten 2013|| Norway
13no-2198.jpg|| Kvalvika Beach|| Lofoten 2013|| Norway
13no-2251.jpg|| Boathouse By Sea|| Lofoten 2013|| Norway
13no-1995.jpg|| Fishing Boat At Dock|| Lofoten 2013|| Norway
13no-2227.jpg|| Small Village By Sea|| Lofoten 2013|| Norway
13no-2359.jpg|| Sildpollnes Church|| Lofoten 2013|| Norway
13no-0219.jpg|| Lonely Tree|| Best Of 2013|| Norway
13no-2795.jpg|| Autumn Colours|| Best Of 2013|| Norway
13no-0390.jpg|| Trysilfjellet|| Best Of 2013|| Norway
13no-1090.jpg|| Lysefjorden|| Best Of 2013|| Norway
13no-1464.jpg|| Svellnosebreen Glacier|| Best Of 2013|| Norway
13no-1077.jpg|| Mountains And People|| Best Of 2013|| Norway
13no-0276.jpg|| Fence|| Best Of 2013|| Norway
13no-1323.jpg|| Styggehøe|| Best Of 2013|| Norway
13no-2684.jpg|| Nitelva In Autumn|| Best Of 2013|| Norway
13no-0467.jpg|| Barcode|| Best Of 2013|| Norway
13no-1244.jpg|| Kalvanes Houses|| Best Of 2013|| Norway
13no-1194.jpg|| Colourful Doors|| Best Of 2013|| Norway
13no-1534.jpg|| Visdalen|| Best Of 2013|| Norway
13no-2739.jpg|| Autumn In Nittedal|| Best Of 2013|| Norway
13no-0975.jpg|| Heddal Stavkirke|| Best Of 2013|| Norway
13no-2620.jpg|| Fields|| Best Of 2013|| Norway
13no-0263.jpg|| Icicles|| Best Of 2013|| Norway
13no-1125.jpg|| Lysefjorden|| Best Of 2013|| Norway
15sv-0006.jpg|| Adventdalen|| Svalbard|| Norway
15sv-0033.jpg|| Lonely Wooden Cabin|| Svalbard|| Norway
15sv-1101.jpg|| Hiorthfjellet And Adventfjorden|| Svalbard|| Norway
15sv-0205.jpg|| Seagull And Glacier|| Svalbard|| Norway
15sv-0930.jpg|| Grumantbyen|| Svalbard|| Norway
15sv-0026.jpg|| Mooring Sailboat In Adventfjorden|| Svalbard|| Norway
15sv-0154.jpg|| Ringed Seal|| Svalbard|| Norway
15sv-0382.jpg|| Puffin|| Svalbard|| Norway
15sv-0701.jpg|| Walrus|| Svalbard|| Norway
15sv-1109.jpg|| Arctic Poppy|| Svalbard|| Norway
15sv-1744.jpg|| Pyramiden|| Svalbard|| Norway
15sv-1148.jpg|| Svalbard Reindeer|| Svalbard|| Norway
15sv-1008.jpg|| Colorful Houses|| Svalbard|| Norway
15sv-2176.jpg|| Bird Cliff|| Svalbard|| Norway
15sv-1776.jpg|| Nordenskiöldbreen|| Svalbard|| Norway
15sv-1713.jpg|| Svalbard Landscape|| Svalbard|| Norway
15sv-0120.jpg|| Seagull On Iceberg|| Svalbard|| Norway
15sv-2025.jpg|| Brisingefjellet|| Svalbard|| Norway
15sv-2260.jpg|| Lonely Cabin|| Svalbard|| Norway
15sv-2115.jpg|| Cabin Under Mountains|| Svalbard|| Norway
15sv-1691.jpg|| Lonely Cabin In Skansbukta|| Svalbard|| Norway