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13it-0519.jpg|| Steering Wheel|| Sicily|| Italy
13it-0669.jpg|| Rural Path|| Sicily|| Italy
13it-0581.jpg|| Apartment House|| Sicily|| Italy
13it-0780.jpg|| Selling Tuna|| Sicily|| Italy
13it-0618.jpg|| Trapani Street|| Sicily|| Italy
13it-0784.jpg|| Octopus|| Sicily|| Italy
13it-0541.jpg|| Cala Rossa|| Sicily|| Italy
13it-0554.jpg|| Blue Marino|| Sicily|| Italy
13it-0725.jpg|| Sail Boat And Buoys|| Sicily|| Italy
13it-0786.jpg|| Angel's Trumpet|| Sicily|| Italy
13it-0796.jpg|| Silk Floss Tree|| Sicily|| Italy
13it-0816.jpg|| Gun Palm|| Sicily|| Italy
13it-0639.jpg|| Castello di Venere|| Sicily|| Italy
13it-0597.jpg|| Bicycle And Harbour|| Sicily|| Italy
13it-0621.jpg|| Changing Rooms|| Sicily|| Italy
13it-0680.jpg|| Via Rabata|| Sicily|| Italy