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Please Note: I will consider all assignments related to documentary, adventure or leisure travel and assignments focused on (indigenous) world cultures and life in third world countries.

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Vietnam in B&W

file namedescriptioncategorycountry
04viet01-02-086Tribal WomanVietnam in B&WVietnam
04viet01-smoking-set2Smoking A Bamboo Water-pipeVietnam in B&WVietnam
04viet01-8496KidsVietnam in B&WVietnam
04viet01-0478Drying SaltVietnam in B&WVietnam
04viet01-0247Wheels AbstractionVietnam in B&WVietnam
04viet01-0298Drying RiceVietnam in B&WVietnam
04viet01-1287Is Everything Just A Dream?Vietnam in B&WVietnam
04viet01-02-134Street SellerVietnam in B&WVietnam
04viet01-02-014Relaxing In A CarVietnam in B&WVietnam
04viet01-1946Playing A PoolVietnam in B&WVietnam
04viet01-9162Preparing FoodVietnam in B&WVietnam
04viet01-02-155Whats New?Vietnam in B&WVietnam
04viet01-02-185Taking A NapVietnam in B&WVietnam
04viet01-02-267Who Is The One In Cage?Vietnam in B&WVietnam
04viet01-1038Taking A SmokeVietnam in B&WVietnam
04viet01-0319Repairing BikesVietnam in B&WVietnam
04viet01-02-176Bikes AbstractionVietnam in B&WVietnam
04viet01-02-191Bad DreamVietnam in B&WVietnam
04viet01-02-217Food Is ReadyVietnam in B&WVietnam
04viet01-9132Smiling WomanVietnam in B&WVietnam
04viet01-02-183HairdresserVietnam in B&WVietnam

Vietnam In Color

file namedescriptioncategorycountry
04viet02-9007Like This One?Vietnam In ColorVietnam
04viet02-320_2085In A TempleVietnam In ColorVietnam
04viet02-0488Wanna Buy A Mine?Vietnam In ColorVietnam
04viet02-0394Preparing RiceVietnam In ColorVietnam
04viet02-322_2284SymetryVietnam In ColorVietnam
04viet02-322_2203Morning ExcersiseVietnam In ColorVietnam
04viet02-323_2359Menu Of TodayVietnam In ColorVietnam
04viet02-9002Lunch TimeVietnam In ColorVietnam
04viet02-0148Seller On A Local MarketVietnam In ColorVietnam
04viet02-8411Rice FieldsVietnam In ColorVietnam
04viet02-1363Spirit Of The NightVietnam In ColorVietnam
04viet02-04viet02-02-122Mountain SceneryVietnam In ColorVietnam
04viet02-320_2014You Go To JailVietnam In ColorVietnam
04viet02-0669Just A Small LoadVietnam In ColorVietnam
04viet02-8520Tribal KidsVietnam In ColorVietnam

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