Adventures on Sumatra & Siberut islands

Prerelease notes

am on my way again. since now, my trips lead to "tourist" places, where traditions were more or less influenced by modern cultures. this time i chose a bit more adventurous destination.

its not that long ago, when i read an article about mentawai people of siberut island. they managed - as few other cultures did - to preserve their traditions and customs till these days. i was dreaming about visiting such place since being child..

to get there, i have to pass through sumatra first. 'coz am traveling alone this time, i hope to find there crazy one like me, willing to join me on the trip to siberut. well, soon am gonna see..


West Part Of Lake Toba, Lake Toba, IndonesiaMentawai Sikerei, Siberut island, IndonesiaW Waterfall, Kerinci, Indonesia

More photos from Indonesia


Articles I wrote about Siberut and Sumatra island in Czech language.


this was my rough plan..

  • arrival in kuala lumpur. i have to get indonesian visa here, which takes approximately 3 days. ideal for acclimatization
  • ferry from KL to dumai, from where I will take BUS to bukittinggi
  • due to information from company running ferry to siberut island, they are leaving every monday. that means i should have about three days to look round bukittinggi and search for someone to join me on the trip to siberut. after discussion with experts on this island, its risky to go there alone. well..
  • if crazy one like me is found, then there is no barrier to spend up to four weeks on siberut. visit mentawai villages, learn about their fascinating culture, explore the jungle..
  • minangkabau culture round bukittinggi (known for matrilineal system, ie. descent and inheritance are traced through woman), climbing volcanoes, searching for rafflesia (world's largest flower), visiting maninjau crater lake..
  • lake toba, trekking round, learning about batak culture, visit of batak weaving villages
  • gunug leuser park, orangutan rehabilitation center, rafting
  • ferry from medan to penang, then relax last few days on langkawi island in malaysia..

To my surprise I managed to follow the plan and have beautiful memories from this trip.


links to interesting articles and sites i found while gathering information about my trip..