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11bu-0893.jpg|| U Bein Bridge|| Best Of|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-0980.jpg|| Fisherman|| Best Of|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-1406.jpg|| Hsinbyume Paya|| Best Of|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-2186.jpg|| Praying|| Best Of|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-D300-1356.jpg|| Fisherman And Sunset|| Best Of|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-D300-0810.jpg|| Smoking Cheroot|| Best Of|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-D300-0945.jpg|| Trees And Field|| Best Of|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-D300-0937.jpg|| Young Girl|| Best Of|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-D300-1115.jpg|| Relaxing Monks|| Best Of|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-D300-0863.jpg|| Ox Cart|| Best Of|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-0747.jpg|| Young Men Fishing|| Best Of|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-D300-0755-hdr.jpg|| Sunset And Temples In Bagan|| Best Of|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-D300-0465.jpg|| Tree And A Boat|| Best Of|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-D300-0565.jpg|| Smoking Monk|| Best Of|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-2076.jpg|| Fisherman On Inle Lake|| Best Of|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-0918.jpg|| Two Monks Walking On U Bein Bridge|| Amarapura|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-0878.jpg|| Man With Bicycle On U Bein Bridge|| Amarapura|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-1056.jpg|| Boat And Stupa|| Amarapura|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-D300-0495.jpg|| Smiling Lady|| Amarapura|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-D300-0409.jpg|| Young Girl|| Amarapura|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-D300-0429.jpg|| Young Boy|| Amarapura|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-D300-0413.jpg|| Fishermen On Taungthaman Lake|| Amarapura|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-0996.jpg|| Monks And Sunset|| Amarapura|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-D300-0295.jpg|| Monk And Child On U Bein Bridge|| Amarapura|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-0953.jpg|| Monk On U Bein Bridge|| Amarapura|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-D300-0486.jpg|| Boats On Taungthaman Lake|| Amarapura|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-D300-0394.jpg|| Farmer And Her Field|| Amarapura|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-D300-0739.jpg|| Temples During Sunset|| Bagan|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-D300-0831.jpg|| Ox Cart And Bagan Temples|| Bagan|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-1621.jpg|| Standing Buddha|| Bagan|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-D300-0740.jpg|| Silhouette Of Bagan Temples|| Bagan|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-1687.jpg|| Tree And Temples|| Bagan|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-D300-0726.jpg|| Temples During Sunset|| Bagan|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-D300-0825.jpg|| Ox Cart And Bagan Temples|| Bagan|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-1705.jpg|| Sunset In Bagan|| Bagan|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-D300-0717.jpg|| Temples In Bagan|| Bagan|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-1758.jpg|| Sitting Buddha During Sunset|| Bagan|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-2214.jpg|| Parasols|| Delta Region|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-2324.jpg|| Drying Fish|| Delta Region|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-2257.jpg|| Painting Parasol|| Delta Region|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-2361.jpg|| Boat|| Delta Region|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-D300-1450.jpg|| Parasol Sewing|| Delta Region|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-2199.jpg|| Shwemokhtaw Paya In The Evening|| Delta Region|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-2311.jpg|| Dragons At Beach|| Delta Region|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-D300-1462.jpg|| Nun Shopping At Local Market|| Delta Region|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-2255.jpg|| Parasol Sewing|| Delta Region|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-1088.jpg|| Boy Carrying Wood|| Hsipaw|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-1215.jpg|| Shan Boy|| Hsipaw|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-D300-0580.jpg|| Boy Under Tree|| Hsipaw|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-1155.jpg|| Alms Round|| Hsipaw|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-1161.jpg|| Nun With Alms Bowl|| Hsipaw|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-1148.jpg|| Alms Round|| Hsipaw|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-1188.jpg|| Local Market|| Hsipaw|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-D300-0571.jpg|| Shan Woman|| Hsipaw|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-1268.jpg|| Woman Burning Incense|| Hsipaw|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-D300-1389.jpg|| Fisherman And Sunset|| Inle Lake|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-2141.jpg|| Floating Gardens|| Inle Lake|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-D300-1140.jpg|| Paddling On Inle Lake|| Inle Lake|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-D300-1301.jpg|| Fishing On Inle Lake|| Inle Lake|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-D300-1240.jpg|| Tribal Girl|| Inle Lake|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-D300-1126.jpg|| Fishermen On Inle Lake|| Inle Lake|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-2044.jpg|| Shepherd|| Inle Lake|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-D300-1260.jpg|| Girl With Thanaka|| Inle Lake|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-2072.jpg|| Praying Monks|| Inle Lake|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-1951.jpg|| Shwe Inn Thein Paya|| Inle Lake|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-1828.jpg|| Tree And Path|| Kalaw Trekking|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-1772.jpg|| Pagoda By Path|| Kalaw Trekking|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-D300-0847.jpg|| Path Through Hills|| Kalaw Trekking|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-D300-0900.jpg|| Tribal Woman|| Kalaw Trekking|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-D300-0942.jpg|| Tribal Woman With Baby|| Kalaw Trekking|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-D300-0903.jpg|| Tribal Woman|| Kalaw Trekking|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-1848.jpg|| Pumpkins|| Kalaw Trekking|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-D300-0904.jpg|| Paddy Field Terraces|| Kalaw Trekking|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-D300-0970.jpg|| Sunrise In The Hills|| Kalaw Trekking|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-D300-0913.jpg|| Tree And Field|| Kalaw Trekking|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-1893.jpg|| Shepherd|| Kalaw Trekking|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-D300-0978.jpg|| Hills Abstraction|| Kalaw Trekking|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-D300-0972.jpg|| Sunrise In The Hills|| Kalaw Trekking|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-1364.jpg|| Sitting Nun|| Mandalay|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-D300-0244.jpg|| Monk And Water|| Mandalay|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-D300-0195.jpg|| Senior Monk|| Mandalay|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-0674.jpg|| Grinding Jade|| Mandalay|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-0650.jpg|| Jade|| Mandalay|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-0703.jpg|| Checking Jade Quality|| Mandalay|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-0649.jpg|| Selling Watermelon|| Mandalay|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-0664.jpg|| Grinding Jade|| Mandalay|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-1349.jpg|| Men Playing Game|| Mandalay|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-1417.jpg|| Nat Ceremony|| Mandalay|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-2277.jpg|| Man In Harbour|| Black And White|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-0603.jpg|| Shwedagon Pagoda|| Black And White|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-2267.jpg|| Making Parasol|| Black And White|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-D300-0375.jpg|| Taungthaman Lake|| Black And White|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-D300-0438.jpg|| Fisherman|| Black And White|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-D300-0472.jpg|| Paddling|| Black And White|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-1222.jpg|| Life In Countryside|| Black And White|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-D300-1195.jpg|| Fishing On Inle Lake|| Black And White|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-2194.jpg|| Praying|| Black And White|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-D300-0282.jpg|| Weaving|| Black And White|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-D300-0570.jpg|| Shan Woman|| Black And White|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-1310.jpg|| Ox Cart|| Black And White|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-2325.jpg|| Drying Fish|| Black And White|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-1105.jpg|| Making Caramel|| Black And White|| Myanmar (Burma)
11bu-1183.jpg|| Night Market|| Black And White|| Myanmar (Burma)