Norway with its virgin nature, high peaks and beautiful coast is worth every day you spend here..
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Adventdalen, Svalbard, Norway
21 photos


Barcode, Best Of 2013, Norway
18 photos

Best Of 2013

Boat At Bay, Lofoten 2013, Norway
19 photos

Lofoten 2013

Old House, Best Of 2012, Norway
18 photos

Best Of 2012

Rjukandefossen, Best Of 2011, Norway
12 photos

Best Of 2011

Aurlandsfjord Landscape, Nærøyfjord World Heritage Area, Norway
9 photos

Nærøyfjord World..

Frozen Kingdom, Best Of 2010, Norway
19 photos

Best Of 2010

House Under Mountains, Land Of Fjords, Norway
13 photos

Land Of Fjords

Sun In The Jungle, Best Of 2009, Norway
19 photos

Best Of 2009

Lysebottåne, Autumn In Hemsedal, Norway
21 photos

Autumn In Hemsedal

Bessegen, Jotunheimen, Norway
14 photos


Mountains Clouds And Shadows, Winter 2009, Norway
11 photos

Winter 2009

Mærradalsbekken, Best Of 2008, Norway
19 photos

Best Of 2008

Skomakertjern Lake, Autumn in Nordmarka, Norway
15 photos

Autumn in Nordmarka

Boat By Grønmalen Lake, Fjorda In Autumn, Norway
11 photos

Fjorda In Autumn

Hamarskardet, Hemsedal In Winter, Norway
21 photos

Hemsedal In Winter

Folehavna After Sunset, Best of 2007, Norway
9 photos

Best of 2007

Svenner Fyr (Lighthouse), Best of 2006, Norway
36 photos

Best of 2006

First Czech Boat On Telemarskanalen?, The Telemark Canal (Telemarkskanalen), Norway
12 photos

The Telemark Canal..

Dalen Valley, Telemark, Best of 2005, Norway
36 photos

Best of 2005

The Curves I., Best of 2004, Norway
23 photos

Best of 2004

Svellnosbreen Glacier, Jotunheimen II, Norway
14 photos

Jotunheimen II

Colours Of Autumn, Best of 2003, Norway
39 photos

Best of 2003

Sunset Over Runde, Best of 2002, Norway
36 photos

Best of 2002

Courage, Lofoten, Norway
16 photos


Leaving Norway, Best of 2001, Norway
25 photos

Best of 2001