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Please Note: I will consider all assignments related to documentary, adventure or leisure travel and assignments focused on (indigenous) world cultures and life in third world countries.

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Best Of

file namedescriptioncategorycountry
12gt-1572Semuc ChampeyBest OfGuatemala
12gt-2728Santiaguito Volcano EruptionBest OfGuatemala
12gt-1524Tikal JungleBest OfGuatemala
12gt-2604Night View From Santa MariaBest OfGuatemala
12gt-1672Semuc Champey Limestone PoolsBest OfGuatemala
12gt-2693Santiaguito Volcano EruptionBest OfGuatemala
12gt-3413Maya WomanBest OfGuatemala
12gt-3394Maya VendorBest OfGuatemala
12gt-3410Maya WomanBest OfGuatemala
12gt-1799Waterfalls At Semuc ChampeyBest OfGuatemala
12gt-2261PumiceBest OfGuatemala
12gt-1655Semuc Champey Limestone PoolsBest OfGuatemala
12gt-1560Flores StreetBest OfGuatemala
12gt-2834Maya Street VendorBest OfGuatemala
12gt-2337San Andrés Xecul churchBest OfGuatemala
12gt-2753Clouds And HillsBest OfGuatemala
12gt-2912San PedroBest OfGuatemala
12gt-2819View From Santa MariaBest OfGuatemala
12gt-2239Boy At Maya MarketBest OfGuatemala
12gt-2454Maya ShepherdBest OfGuatemala
12gt-2155Maya GirlBest OfGuatemala
12gt-D300-0261Kaqchiquel Elderly WomanBest OfGuatemala
12gt-2137Maya WomanBest OfGuatemala
12gt-2143Maya Mother And KidBest OfGuatemala
12gt-3081IguanaBest OfGuatemala
12gt-D300-0346Great EgretBest OfGuatemala
12gt-3329Brown PelicansBest OfGuatemala
12gt-D300-0408Garifuna ManBest OfGuatemala
12gt-3447Bicycle And HouseBest OfGuatemala
12gt-D300-0273Maya ManBest OfGuatemala
12gt-1953Coban GirlBest OfGuatemala
12gt-1900Blind BeggarBest OfGuatemala
12gt-1926Praying WomanBest OfGuatemala
12gt-2377MaximónBest OfGuatemala
12gt-3465Brown PelicanBest OfGuatemala
12gt-3108Resting CaimanBest OfGuatemala

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