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01b-901903-08.jpg|| Entrance To Mosque|| Larabanga|| Ghana
01b-901903-05.jpg|| Larabanga Mosque|| Larabanga|| Ghana
01b-901903-06.jpg|| Larabanga Mosque|| Larabanga|| Ghana
01a-901905-15.jpg|| For You, My Love..|| Larabanga|| Ghana
01a-901905-28.jpg|| Lonely, Still Alive|| Larabanga|| Ghana
01a-901905-23.jpg|| Levaves Made Of Iron|| Larabanga|| Ghana
01c-901899-16.jpg|| Bashfulness|| Larabanga|| Ghana
01c-901899-22.jpg|| Brother Soaliu|| Larabanga|| Ghana
01c-901899-24.jpg|| Nipuri Andama|| Larabanga|| Ghana
01b-901903-17.jpg|| Magic Room|| Larabanga|| Ghana
01b-901903-20.jpg|| Pot & Pot|| Larabanga|| Ghana
01b-901903-28.jpg|| Lunch Break|| Larabanga|| Ghana
01c-901899-27.jpg|| Old Woman|| Larabanga|| Ghana
01b-901903-12.jpg|| Everyday Work|| Larabanga|| Ghana
01b-901903-22.jpg|| On The Way Home|| Larabanga|| Ghana
01b-901903-38.jpg|| Hungry Day|| Larabanga|| Ghana
01b-901903-34.jpg|| Drying Clothes|| Larabanga|| Ghana
01c-901899-13a.jpg|| Steps To Heaven|| Larabanga|| Ghana
02a-901898-08.jpg|| Lobi Woman|| Lobi tribe|| Ghana
01c-901899-31.jpg|| Tro Tro - local BUS|| Lobi tribe|| Ghana
02a-901898-30.jpg|| Marriage Pole|| Lobi tribe|| Ghana
01c-901899-36.jpg|| Calabashes|| Lobi tribe|| Ghana
02a-901898-15.jpg|| Kombitar|| Lobi tribe|| Ghana
02a-901898-10.jpg|| Bugo - Storage|| Lobi tribe|| Ghana
02a-901898-13.jpg|| Harvest Abstraction|| Lobi tribe|| Ghana
02a-901898-27.jpg|| Kordore|| Lobi tribe|| Ghana
02a-901898-09.jpg|| Lobi Woman|| Lobi tribe|| Ghana
02a-901898-06.jpg|| Lobi Home From Bird's View|| Lobi tribe|| Ghana
02a-901898-12.jpg|| Drying Harvest|| Lobi tribe|| Ghana
02a-901898-19.jpg|| Lobi Dwellings|| Lobi tribe|| Ghana
02a-901898-34.jpg|| Innocent Eyes|| Lobi tribe|| Ghana
02a-901898-23.jpg|| Lobi Shrine|| Lobi tribe|| Ghana
02a-901898-30b.jpg|| Lobi Youngsters|| Lobi tribe|| Ghana
02b-901904-04.jpg|| Falling Stars|| Lobi tribe|| Ghana
02b-901904-10.jpg|| Fisherman's House|| Lobi tribe|| Ghana
02b-901904-21.jpg|| Disturbed|| Lobi tribe|| Ghana
02b-901904-24.jpg|| Marriage Pole|| Lobi tribe|| Ghana
02b-901904-30.jpg|| Razak Kanyiri|| Lobi tribe|| Ghana
02b-901904-22.jpg|| On The River|| Lobi tribe|| Ghana
02b-901904-26.jpg|| Marriage Pole Detail|| Lobi tribe|| Ghana
01c-901899-37.jpg|| Calabash Abstraction|| Lobi tribe|| Ghana
02b-901904-11.jpg|| Drying Fishing Nets|| Lobi tribe|| Ghana
02a-901898-38.jpg|| Playing Xylophone|| Lobi tribe|| Ghana
03a-901900-11.jpg|| Painting Abstraction|| Kassena tribe|| Ghana
03a-901900-34.jpg|| Kassena Yard|| Kassena tribe|| Ghana
03a-901900-13.jpg|| Kassena Paintings|| Kassena tribe|| Ghana
03a-901900-20.jpg|| Traditional Kassena House|| Kassena tribe|| Ghana
03a-901900-22.jpg|| Entrance To House|| Kassena tribe|| Ghana
03a-901900-21.jpg|| Traditional Kassena House|| Kassena tribe|| Ghana
03a-901900-25.jpg|| Kassena Soothsayer|| Kassena tribe|| Ghana
03a-901900-27.jpg|| Calling Spirits|| Kassena tribe|| Ghana
03a-901900-28.jpg|| Spirit's Whispering|| Kassena tribe|| Ghana
03a-901900-32.jpg|| Getting Answers|| Kassena tribe|| Ghana
03a-901900-31.jpg|| Interpreting The Message|| Kassena tribe|| Ghana
03a-901900-24.jpg|| Dream House|| Kassena tribe|| Ghana
03a-901900-18.jpg|| Tidy Yard|| Kassena tribe|| Ghana
03a-901900-23.jpg|| Kassena Woman|| Kassena tribe|| Ghana
03a-901900-19.jpg|| Kassena Architecture|| Kassena tribe|| Ghana
03a-901900-07.jpg|| Local Woman|| Local market|| Ghana
02b-901898-35.jpg|| Pito Consumer|| Local market|| Ghana
03a-901900-04.jpg|| Preparing Jams|| Local market|| Ghana
02b-901898-34.jpg|| Woman At Local Market|| Local market|| Ghana
02b-901904-37.jpg|| Pito Delirium|| Local market|| Ghana
02b-901904-38.jpg|| Local Market Restaurant|| Local market|| Ghana
03a-901900-35.jpg|| Bread Seller|| Local market|| Ghana
03a-901900-37.jpg|| Tatra Razors|| Local market|| Ghana
03a-901900-36.jpg|| Bread Seller|| Local market|| Ghana
02b-901898-36.jpg|| Drinking Pito|| Local market|| Ghana
02b-901904-32.jpg|| Returning From The Market|| Local market|| Ghana
03a-901900-38.jpg|| Colour Abstraction|| Local market|| Ghana
04b901878-03b.jpg|| Talensi Man|| Talensi land|| Ghana
04a901879-27.jpg|| Father And Son|| Talensi land|| Ghana
04a901879-38.jpg|| Talensi Man|| Talensi land|| Ghana
04a901879-03.jpg|| Shrine Of Talensi House|| Talensi land|| Ghana
04a901879-14.jpg|| Stone In Talensi Bush|| Talensi land|| Ghana
04a901879-26.jpg|| Talensi House|| Talensi land|| Ghana
04b901878-09.jpg|| Marihuana Smile|| Talensi land|| Ghana
04a901879-18a.jpg|| Lost Eden|| Talensi land|| Ghana
04b901878-17a.jpg|| Beauty Of The Night|| Talensi land|| Ghana
04a901879-20.jpg|| Architect? Nature..|| Talensi land|| Ghana
04b901878-27.jpg|| Wigns Of Freedom|| Brenu beach|| Ghana
05b901889-12.jpg|| Sunset At Breno Beach|| Brenu beach|| Ghana
05b901889-04b.jpg|| Fisherman At Action|| Brenu beach|| Ghana
05a901902-11.jpg|| Coconut Tree|| Brenu beach|| Ghana
05a901902-06a.jpg|| Repairing Nets|| Brenu beach|| Ghana
04b901878-31.jpg|| Beach Idyl|| Brenu beach|| Ghana
05a901902-34.jpg|| Equanimity|| Brenu beach|| Ghana
05a901902-27.jpg|| Hungry For Fishing|| Brenu beach|| Ghana
04b901878-30.jpg|| Leaf Abstraction|| Brenu beach|| Ghana
04b901878-34.jpg|| Trunk On A Beach|| Brenu beach|| Ghana
05a901902-18.jpg|| Silver Snake On A Beach|| Brenu beach|| Ghana
04b901878-36.jpg|| Sand Abstraction|| Brenu beach|| Ghana
04b901878-38.jpg|| Wave Comming|| Brenu beach|| Ghana
05a901902-29.jpg|| Palm Tree And Moon|| Brenu beach|| Ghana
05a901902-15a.jpg|| Exception|| Brenu beach|| Ghana
05a901902-20.jpg|| Romantic Sunset|| Brenu beach|| Ghana
05a901902-22.jpg|| Waiting For Sunrise|| Brenu beach|| Ghana
04b901878-28.jpg|| Downhill Tendency|| Brenu beach|| Ghana
05b901889-20.jpg|| Washing With Smile|| Cape Coast|| Ghana
05b901889-21.jpg|| Cape Coast Church|| Cape Coast|| Ghana
05b901889-22a.jpg|| Resting In Colours|| Cape Coast|| Ghana
06a872061-05.jpg|| Canoes Abstraction|| Cape Coast|| Ghana
06a872061-02.jpg|| Gulf Of Guinea|| Cape Coast|| Ghana
06a872061-09.jpg|| Repairing Nests|| Cape Coast|| Ghana
05b901889-23.jpg|| Detail Of Cape Coast Church|| Cape Coast|| Ghana
06a872061-10.jpg|| Fishermen|| Cape Coast|| Ghana
06a872061-18.jpg|| Gate Of No Return|| Cape Coast|| Ghana
06a872061-07.jpg|| Cape Coast|| Cape Coast|| Ghana
06a872061-13.jpg|| Entrance To Dungeons Of Cape Coast Castle|| Cape Coast|| Ghana
05b901889-30.jpg|| Cannonballs|| Cape Coast|| Ghana
05b901889-38.jpg|| Cape Coast Castle|| Cape Coast|| Ghana
01b-901903-26.jpg|| Siesta In Larabanga|| Panoramas|| Ghana
03a-901900-14.jpg|| Kassena Traditional Patterns|| Panoramas|| Ghana
01c-901899-33.jpg|| Palace Of The Chief|| Panoramas|| Ghana
04a901879-12.jpg|| Talensi Architecture|| Panoramas|| Ghana
01c-901899-35.jpg|| The Stargate|| Panoramas|| Ghana
05a901902-14.jpg|| All By Myself|| Panoramas|| Ghana
04a901879-21.jpg|| Wires, Birds And Clouds|| Panoramas|| Ghana