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07se-4055.jpg|| Sotekanalen|| West coast|| Sweden
07se-3909-hdr.jpg|| Kungsklyftan, Fjällbacka|| West coast|| Sweden
07se-4059.jpg|| House on a cliff|| West coast|| Sweden
07se-3886.jpg|| Under full sail|| West coast|| Sweden
07se-4057.jpg|| Sailing into Sotekanalen|| West coast|| Sweden
07se-3879.jpg|| Sunrise and Sail|| West coast|| Sweden
07se-3858.jpg|| Still life by fisherman's house, Koster Island|| West coast|| Sweden
07se-3841.jpg|| The Doors, Koster Island|| West coast|| Sweden
07se-4042.jpg|| Gamlestan (Old town) in Lysekil|| West coast|| Sweden
07se-3897.jpg|| Fjällbacka|| West coast|| Sweden
07no-3814.jpg|| Mariaholmen|| West coast|| Sweden
07se-3892.jpg|| Fjällbacka Harbour|| West coast|| Sweden
07se-3837.jpg|| Fishermen Houses, Koster Island|| West coast|| Sweden
07se-3864.jpg|| Crab nets, Koster Island|| West coast|| Sweden
07se-3850.jpg|| Still life by fisherman's house, Koster Island|| West coast|| Sweden
07se-4038.jpg|| Gamlestan (Old town) in Lysekil|| West coast|| Sweden
07se-3925.jpg|| An old water-pump in Hunnebostrand|| West coast|| Sweden
07se-4047.jpg|| Gamlestan (Old town) in Lysekil|| West coast|| Sweden