Printed limited edition portfolio - Beautiful Norway

Limited edition portfolio in a portfolio boxA limited edition portfolio is a series of prints in which each print is numbered. Limited editions usually go from just a few prints up to several thousand prints. My limited edition portfolio consist of just 25 copies maximum. Each limited edition print is both hand-signed and hand numbered on the print. The numbering I use is 1/25, 2/25, 3/25,.. until I reach 25 copies. When the complete edition has been issued the original images are retired and will never again be reproduced as a photographic print for sale.

The portfolio consists of following signed photographs in size 9.5x14" (24x36cm) printed on A3+ (33x48cm, 13X19") paper and shipped together with an archival portfolio box:

View Over Fjord, Best of 2002, Norway
Sunset Over Runde, Best of 2002, Norway
Leaving Norway, Best of 2001, Norway
Ice Lake, Jotunheimen II, Norway
Frozen Memories (Svellnosbreen), Jotunheimen II, Norway
Fjord, Best of 2002, Norway
Green Mirror, Jotunheimen II, Norway
Courage, Lofoten, Norway
Colours Of Autumn, Best of 2003, Norway
Tree And A Cloud, Best of 2006, Norway
Ha Det Bra, Best of 2006, Norway
Svenner Fyr (Lighthouse), Best of 2006, Norway
Skomakertjern Lake, Autumn in Nordmarka, Norway
Memurubu By Gjende Lake, Jotunheimen, Norway
Bessegen, Jotunheimen, Norway
Seagull And Moon, Best of 2005, Norway

The photos are printed on 8 inks Epson 3800 professional printer on archival Innova FibaPrint White Semi-Matte 300 g/m² paper, which is one of the highest-quality fine-art photographic papers today. In connection with Epson UltraChrome K3 inks it exhibits superior sharpness and color, and is expected to last over 100 years on display before noticeable fading occurs. The Cotton gloves are used while handling the prints not to leave any fingerprints or scratches.

Portfolios will be printed and assembled as they are ordered, then shipped by airmail to anywhere in the world. This portfolio is priced at USD 349,-. This price includes airmail shipping.

If you are interested in purchasing the portfolio, you can either take contact by email or click Add To Cart button below to purchase the portfolio directly. I am using secure PayPal system, payments by credit card are accepted.