Caribbean island Curaçao..

Curaçao - small island in Caribbean. wonderful beaches, hot girls, never ending parties.

That was what i taught when my plane was about to land at Curaçao Airport. After few weeks spent there I've to say all of what I wrote is true. but what I've to write in addition to it, is that Curaçao is not the safest places I've visited and what more, its also quite expensive..

But besides that, if you manage to get off-the-beaten track and try to see the island on your own (local buses, hitchhiking) you'll get one of the most unforgettable experiences..


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More photos from Curaçao.


I wrote some articles about Curaçao island in Czech language. Some articles I wrote are here.


What surprised me on Curaçao Island? Read on..

  • goats have absolute right on roads
  • in the evening are most of drivers drunk (including policemen)
  • curaçao national game is domino
  • on the floating market in punda vegetables and exotic fruit from venezuela can be bought
  • some parts of otrabanda - newer part of willemstad - are really dangerous to visit even during the day.. be careful and try not to get too deep inside this part of town like I did
  • mambo beach is the right place on saturday - huge party is going on till early morning
  • be sure NOT TO WALK after it gets dark - use your car or taxi
  • I taught, there can not be more expensive country than norway. it is. at curaçao, everything but meat is even twice as expensive as in norway


Few hopefully useful links. After you get to Curaçao, I suggest you visit some hotels where you can get brochures free-of-charge. Lots of useful info can be found in them as well as list of festivals/occasions taking place..