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04ta-0804.jpg|| Wait For Me!|| Tarangire NP|| Tanzania
04ta-0759.jpg|| What Did You Say?|| Tarangire NP|| Tanzania
04ta-0854.jpg|| Cute One|| Tarangire NP|| Tanzania
04ta-0798.jpg|| Duo|| Tarangire NP|| Tanzania
04ta-0816.jpg|| So thirsty Today..|| Tarangire NP|| Tanzania
04ta-0785.jpg|| Lets Take A Dust Shower|| Tarangire NP|| Tanzania
04ta-0780.jpg|| Tarangire Scenery|| Tarangire NP|| Tanzania
04ta-0755.jpg|| Lilac Breasted Roller (Coracias caudata)|| Tarangire NP|| Tanzania
04ta-0714.jpg|| Tarangire Scenery|| Tarangire NP|| Tanzania
04ta-0800.jpg|| Family Business|| Tarangire NP|| Tanzania
04ta-0840.jpg|| This Is My Kingdom|| Tarangire NP|| Tanzania
04ta-0803.jpg|| Love You!|| Tarangire NP|| Tanzania
04ta-0791.jpg|| No Comment|| Tarangire NP|| Tanzania
04ta-0866.jpg|| Let Me Taste This One|| Tarangire NP|| Tanzania
04ta-0794.jpg|| In A Mirror|| Tarangire NP|| Tanzania
04ta-0770.jpg|| Zebra Crossing A Pond|| Tarangire NP|| Tanzania
04ta-0697.jpg|| Local Girl|| Tarangire NP|| Tanzania
04ta-0722.jpg|| Do Not Disturb|| Tarangire NP|| Tanzania
04ta-1867.jpg|| Leaf On A Beach|| Northern Zanzibar|| Tanzania
04ta-1770.jpg|| Local Boat|| Northern Zanzibar|| Tanzania
04ta-1821.jpg|| Peace|| Northern Zanzibar|| Tanzania
04ta-1742.jpg|| Lady On A Beach|| Northern Zanzibar|| Tanzania
04ta-1864.jpg|| Boat On Horizon|| Northern Zanzibar|| Tanzania
04ta-1805.jpg|| Sunset By A Coast|| Northern Zanzibar|| Tanzania
04ta-1856.jpg|| Rocks By Nothern Coast|| Northern Zanzibar|| Tanzania
04ta-1870.jpg|| Happy Holidays|| Northern Zanzibar|| Tanzania
04ta-1751.jpg|| Coast Scenery|| Northern Zanzibar|| Tanzania
04ta-1772.jpg|| Adventure Ahead|| Northern Zanzibar|| Tanzania
04ta-1826.jpg|| Fisherman Repairing Nets|| Northern Zanzibar|| Tanzania
04ta-1819.jpg|| Colours Of Zanzibar|| Northern Zanzibar|| Tanzania
04ta-1763.jpg|| Boat On A Beach|| Northern Zanzibar|| Tanzania
04ta-1905.jpg|| Neuron Cell|| Northern Zanzibar|| Tanzania
04ta-1889.jpg|| Sunset And A Boat|| Northern Zanzibar|| Tanzania
04ta-1843.jpg|| Dhow In A Storm|| Northern Zanzibar|| Tanzania
04ta-1758.jpg|| Find Your Way|| Northern Zanzibar|| Tanzania
04ta-1587.jpg|| Zanzibar Artist|| Stone Town|| Tanzania
04ta-1594.jpg|| Dhow And Sunset|| Stone Town|| Tanzania
04ta-1538.jpg|| Give Me Strenght, My God|| Stone Town|| Tanzania
04ta-1615.jpg|| Touching Heaven|| Stone Town|| Tanzania
04ta-1564.jpg|| Door Decoration|| Stone Town|| Tanzania
04ta-1571.jpg|| Secret Corner|| Stone Town|| Tanzania
04ta-1521.jpg|| House Of Peace|| Stone Town|| Tanzania
04ta-1518.jpg|| Left Alone|| Stone Town|| Tanzania
04ta-1532.jpg|| Dhows On Sea|| Stone Town|| Tanzania
04ta-1596.jpg|| Day Is Leaving|| Stone Town|| Tanzania
04ta-1524.jpg|| The Doors|| Stone Town|| Tanzania
04ta-1610_.jpg|| Sunset On Zanzibar|| Stone Town|| Tanzania
04ta-1528.jpg|| Typical Door Carving|| Stone Town|| Tanzania
04ta-1581.jpg|| Slaves Of Our Time|| Stone Town|| Tanzania
04ta-1640.jpg|| Henna Tree|| Central Zanzibar|| Tanzania
04ta-1695.jpg|| Sultan's Persian-Style Baths|| Central Zanzibar|| Tanzania
04ta-1667.jpg|| Exotic Sunflower|| Central Zanzibar|| Tanzania
04ta-1715.jpg|| Hidden Beach|| Central Zanzibar|| Tanzania
04ta-1691.jpg|| Interior Of Persian Baths|| Central Zanzibar|| Tanzania
04ta-1728.jpg|| Enjoying Remote Beach|| Central Zanzibar|| Tanzania
04ta-1624.jpg|| Palm Tree Exception|| Central Zanzibar|| Tanzania
04ta-1670.jpg|| Jackfruit Tree|| Central Zanzibar|| Tanzania
04ta-1656.jpg|| Happy Family|| Central Zanzibar|| Tanzania
04ta-1024.jpg|| Skull By Lake|| Ngorongoro Crater|| Tanzania
04ta-0888.jpg|| Curves Of Sunset|| Ngorongoro Crater|| Tanzania
04ta-0930.jpg|| Flamingo's Paradise|| Ngorongoro Crater|| Tanzania
04ta-0992.jpg|| Landscape Of Ngorongoro|| Ngorongoro Crater|| Tanzania
04ta-1056.jpg|| Lifesaver|| Ngorongoro Crater|| Tanzania
04ta-0902.jpg|| Ngorongoro Crater|| Ngorongoro Crater|| Tanzania
04ta-0932.jpg|| Flamingos In Ngorongoro|| Ngorongoro Crater|| Tanzania
04ta-0925.jpg|| Trio|| Ngorongoro Crater|| Tanzania
04ta-0931.jpg|| Resting Flamingos|| Ngorongoro Crater|| Tanzania
04ta-1006.jpg|| Need Dentist! See?|| Ngorongoro Crater|| Tanzania
04ta-0875.jpg|| Sunset By Lake Tarangire|| Ngorongoro Crater|| Tanzania
04ta-0972.jpg|| Thinking Hippopotamus|| Ngorongoro Crater|| Tanzania
04ta-1050.jpg|| The White Stripes|| Ngorongoro Crater|| Tanzania
04ta-0892.jpg|| Foggy Morning|| Ngorongoro Crater|| Tanzania
04ta-1017.jpg|| Stronger Will Survive|| Ngorongoro Crater|| Tanzania
04ta-0914.jpg|| Lion During Rest|| Ngorongoro Crater|| Tanzania
04ta-0956.jpg|| Landscape Of The Crater|| Ngorongoro Crater|| Tanzania
04ta-1249.jpg|| Chameleon On A Branch|| Nature Of Usambara Mountains|| Tanzania
04ta-1192.jpg|| Old Tree Trying To Touch The Sun|| Nature Of Usambara Mountains|| Tanzania
04ta-1241.jpg|| Chameleon's Tail|| Nature Of Usambara Mountains|| Tanzania
04ta-1366.jpg|| Pine Tree Abstraction|| Nature Of Usambara Mountains|| Tanzania
04ta-1151.jpg|| Path Through Fields|| Nature Of Usambara Mountains|| Tanzania
04ta-1276.jpg|| Leaves In Harmony|| Nature Of Usambara Mountains|| Tanzania
04ta-1144.jpg|| Lonely Tree By Path|| Nature Of Usambara Mountains|| Tanzania
04ta-1504.jpg|| Evening In A Hotel|| Nature Of Usambara Mountains|| Tanzania
04ta-1080.jpg|| Old Tree Resting|| Nature Of Usambara Mountains|| Tanzania
04ta-1331.jpg|| Morning Drops Of Hope|| Nature Of Usambara Mountains|| Tanzania
04ta-1453.jpg|| Room Of A Witch|| Nature Of Usambara Mountains|| Tanzania
04ta-1214.jpg|| Chameleon|| Nature Of Usambara Mountains|| Tanzania
04ta-1467.jpg|| Sunset Over Usambara Mountains|| Nature Of Usambara Mountains|| Tanzania
04ta-1469.jpg|| Sunset Over Usambara Mountains|| Nature Of Usambara Mountains|| Tanzania
04ta-1466.jpg|| Sunset Over Usambara Mountains|| Nature Of Usambara Mountains|| Tanzania
04ta-1457.jpg|| Magic Boxes|| Nature Of Usambara Mountains|| Tanzania
04ta-1245.jpg|| Chameleon|| Nature Of Usambara Mountains|| Tanzania
04ta-1337.jpg|| Morning Drops|| Nature Of Usambara Mountains|| Tanzania
04ta-1492.jpg|| Farewell With The Day|| Nature Of Usambara Mountains|| Tanzania
04ta-1229.jpg|| Playing With Chameleon|| Nature Of Usambara Mountains|| Tanzania
04ta-1314.jpg|| Spotted Eagle-Owl (Bubo africanus)|| Nature Of Usambara Mountains|| Tanzania
04ta-1410.jpg|| Usambara Landscape|| Nature Of Usambara Mountains|| Tanzania
04ta-1126.jpg|| Hide And Seek|| People Of Usambara Mountains|| Tanzania
04ta-1167.jpg|| On A Way To Work|| People Of Usambara Mountains|| Tanzania
04ta-1317.jpg|| Nun In Monastery|| People Of Usambara Mountains|| Tanzania
04ta-1484.jpg|| Friendly Usambara Kids|| People Of Usambara Mountains|| Tanzania
04ta-1377.jpg|| Humble And Friendly|| People Of Usambara Mountains|| Tanzania
04ta-1261.jpg|| Usambara Woman|| People Of Usambara Mountains|| Tanzania
04ta-1174.jpg|| Small Boy|| People Of Usambara Mountains|| Tanzania
04ta-1446.jpg|| Dressmaker|| People Of Usambara Mountains|| Tanzania
04ta-1270.jpg|| Returning From A Work|| People Of Usambara Mountains|| Tanzania
04ta-1160.jpg|| Resting Girl|| People Of Usambara Mountains|| Tanzania
04ta-1283.jpg|| Hanging Around|| People Of Usambara Mountains|| Tanzania
04ta-1427.jpg|| In A Restaurant|| People Of Usambara Mountains|| Tanzania
04ta-1485.jpg|| Usambara Kids|| People Of Usambara Mountains|| Tanzania
04ta-1436.jpg|| Preparing Dinner|| People Of Usambara Mountains|| Tanzania
04ta-1172.jpg|| Friends|| People Of Usambara Mountains|| Tanzania
04ta-1442.jpg|| Concentrating On Work|| People Of Usambara Mountains|| Tanzania
04ta-1274.jpg|| Mother With Kids|| People Of Usambara Mountains|| Tanzania
04ta-1511.jpg|| Celebrating End Of Ramadan|| People Of Usambara Mountains|| Tanzania
04ta-1487.jpg|| Smiling Usambara Kids|| People Of Usambara Mountains|| Tanzania
04ta-1129.jpg|| Amazement|| Colorized Tanzania|| Tanzania
04ta-1275.jpg|| Happy Family|| Colorized Tanzania|| Tanzania
04ta-1187.jpg|| Honesty|| Colorized Tanzania|| Tanzania
04ta-1373.jpg|| Friendliness|| Colorized Tanzania|| Tanzania
04ta-1161.jpg|| Humbleness|| Colorized Tanzania|| Tanzania
04ta-1137.jpg|| Family And Shambaa House|| Colorized Tanzania|| Tanzania
04ta-1132.jpg|| Energy|| Colorized Tanzania|| Tanzania
04ta-1870-c.jpg|| Umbrella On A Beach|| Colorized Tanzania|| Tanzania
04ta-1430.jpg|| Curiosity|| Colorized Tanzania|| Tanzania
04ta-1177.jpg|| Brothers|| Colorized Tanzania|| Tanzania
04ta-1667-c.jpg|| Exotic Sunflower|| Colorized Tanzania|| Tanzania
04ta-1163.jpg|| Usamabra Woman|| Colorized Tanzania|| Tanzania
04ta-1428bw.jpg|| Reading Newspapers|| Colorized Tanzania|| Tanzania
04ta-1431bw.jpg|| Curious Boys|| Colorized Tanzania|| Tanzania
04ta-1316bw.jpg|| Innocence|| Colorized Tanzania|| Tanzania
04ta-1408.jpg|| Usambara Landscape|| Colorized Tanzania|| Tanzania
04ta-1144-c2.jpg|| Tree By A Path|| Colorized Tanzania|| Tanzania
04ta-1151-c.jpg|| Fields And Path|| Colorized Tanzania|| Tanzania
04ta-1178.jpg|| Lightness Of Life|| Colorized Tanzania|| Tanzania
04ta-1212.jpg|| Usambara Woman|| Colorized Tanzania|| Tanzania
04ta-0694.jpg|| Arusha Sunset Panorama|| Arusha Sunsets|| Tanzania
04ta-0692.jpg|| Arusha Sunset|| Arusha Sunsets|| Tanzania
04ta-0680.jpg|| Arusha Sunset|| Arusha Sunsets|| Tanzania
04ta-0691.jpg|| Arusha Sunset|| Arusha Sunsets|| Tanzania