Lunch Time

Lunch Time
Continent: Asia
Country: Vietnam
Category: Vietnam In Color
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migin /2005-01-14 09:35:03/
  Uaaaahh.No coment

Enes /2005-03-06 12:44:00/
  Dobrou chut!

peapea /2005-08-19 18:23:13/
  That is just awful!!! I have a hard time not crying... I hope your intention with uploading this picture is to document the cruel practice in several Asian countries where they still eat dogs. Dogs who often live a terrible life being abused before they are being killed and eaten. Being a dog lover, and having a dog myself, seeing a picture like this, just breaks my heart...

d4vid -at- /2005-08-20 16:51:22/
  Hello peapea, I dont know what practice is common in Vietnam (this photo was taken by my brother) and I agree its a cultural shock. On the other hand, for example in Ghana, they have a special kind of dog, which they raise only for a purpose of eating it. They take care of them, feed them and then eat them, the same way we do we cows or sheeps,... For them it might be shock seeing europeans eating bull :-)

echxanha4 /2011-09-12 19:18:09/
  haunted picture!! Still some Vietnamese do not accept this kind of food, especially, dog lovers. I cant believe how come they eat such a friendly friend like dog. Terrible grrr :(

trungcao /2011-09-13 03:17:01/
  Agree with echxanha4. Not many Vietnamese accept this. Terrible!!!

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