Turkana Girl

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Turkana Girl - Turkana Tribe, Kenya

RefNum: 04ke-2482. Turkana women wearing the traditional hairstyle - a braided Mohawk. Turkanas like to wear breads of different colors which they belive protect them from different bad things and indicate a woman's wealth and marital status.

Turkana Girl
Continent: Africa
Country: Kenya
Category: Turkana Tribe
Viewed: 31502 times

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   Tribe > Turkana

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lutzoffsite@hotmail.com /2005-11-07 20:13:34/
  this picture does not show a turkana boy when you look at the turkana with beads. I think its always a woman. I think this is a turkana girl

d4vid /2005-11-09 12:32:13/
  True, thanks!

LEMUKOL /2009-02-10 21:07:53/
  Niajokon noi!Elipa AKUJ.

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