late autumn 2005 I took a trip to eastern africa. the plan was to visit for 14 days tanzania and the rest 14 days kenya. the trip turned out as a great adventure and if you would like more information, feel free to visit this page.
Turkana Woman, Turkana Tribe, Kenya
14 photos

Turkana Tribe

Breakfast In Local Hotel, Northern Part, Kenya
9 photos

Northern Part

Lake Logipi, Lake Logipi, Kenya
9 photos

Lake Logipi

God-forsaken Beauty, The Suguta Valley-Nature, Kenya
13 photos

The Suguta Valley-Nature

Samburu Shepherd, Samburu Portraits, Kenya
9 photos

Samburu Portraits

Sunset By Lake Naivasha, Lake Naivasha, Kenya
7 photos

Lake Naivasha

Thomson's Falls, Thomson's Falls, Kenya
7 photos

Thomson's Falls

Mystical Path, Hell's Gate, Kenya
9 photos

Hell's Gate