Travel Photo Gallery - Hell's Gate, Kenya

Hell's Gate

My first stop in Kenya was an area around Lake Naivasha. One day I hired a bike and cycled to one of two national parks, which you can visit without any guide. Means you have vast fields with herds of zebras grazing around, funny looking running giraffes, dangerous buffalos all just for yourself. If you prefer nature to wildlife, the Lower Gorge will with no doubt satisfy your needs.

Equipment: Pentax *istD, AF16-45DA/4, AF80-320/4.5-5.6

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Mystical Path, Hell's Gate, Kenya

Mystical Path

Landscape Of Hell's Gate, Hell's Gate, Kenya

Landscape Of Hell's Gate

Thorns, Hell's Gate, Kenya


Hot Springs, Hell's Gate, Kenya

Hot Springs

Landscape Of Lower Gorge, Hell's Gate, Kenya

Landscape Of Lower Gorge

Stream In Lower Gorge, Hell's Gate, Kenya

Stream In Lower Gorge

Welcome To Hell's Gate, Hell's Gate, Kenya

Welcome To Hell's Gate

Galaxy Gateway, Hell's Gate, Kenya

Galaxy Gateway

Fischer's Tower, Hell's Gate, Kenya

Fischer's Tower