Gulf Of Guinea

Gulf Of Guinea
Continent: Africa
Country: Ghana
Category: Cape Coast
Viewed: 5962 times

   Nature > Sea
   Location > Cape Coast

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yo /2008-05-08 19:20:16/

Micki /2009-07-10 01:53:19/
  Hi - a friendly tip - Wanted to let you know there is an error in the title of this beautiful photo: It says, "GOLF of Guinea", but it should say "GULF of Guinea". Here are the possible meanings: (1) a large body of sea or ocean water, typically larger than a bay, that is partially enclosed by land (2) a wide, deep chasm or abyss (3) a wide or impassable gap or separation (4) an eddy that draws objects down; whirlpool So meaning #1 appears to be the correct word - GULF. (The word you have used is GOLF, which is a reference to the GAME people play with a "golf club" and a little white ball. Tiger Woods plays GOLF.)

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