Czech republic

Czech republic is a country i was born and its a shame i have not visited more areas so far. am slowly adding photos with my every visit and hopefully one day am gonna spend more time there to give you an overview of what whole country looks like..
Morena - The Bad Spirit, Spring celebrations in Wallachia, Czech republic
20 photos

Spring celebrations in..

Evening Idyl, Štramberk, Czech republic
9 photos


Resovske Vodopady I., Northern Moravia, Czech republic
14 photos

Northern Moravia

Bouzov Castle, Moravia Historical, Czech republic
13 photos

Moravia Historical

Gate Abstraction, Rožnov pod Radhošťem, Czech republic
8 photos

Rožnov pod Radhošťem

One Of Prague Towers, Prague, Czech republic
18 photos


Radegast - The Pagan God, Radhošť, Czech republic
11 photos