Photos from my one month trip to China which took me to the Yunnan province. Destinations cover rice fields of Yaunyang, Dali Old City, Xishuangbanna, Jianshui, Kunming and Shilin Stone Forest. You can visit page with more detailed information about the trip and some travel tips.
Yuanyang Rice Fields, Yuanyang, China
12 photos


Luoping Scenery, Luoping, China
13 photos


Praying In Yuantong Temple, Kunming And Shilin, China
12 photos

Kunming And Shilin

Alo Woman, Tribal Local Market, China
15 photos

Tribal Local Market

Smoking Pipe, Jianshui, China
10 photos


Akha Woman, Xishuangbanna, China
14 photos


Wuha Gate In The Night, Dali And Erhai Lake, China
15 photos

Dali And Erhai Lake